That Wii Fit Video? Hot But Not A Nintendo Marketing Effort


So a guy films his girlfriend wearing nothing but a t-shirt and underwear tantalizingly gyrating her hips while playing Wii Fit and, poof, instant YouTube stardom. Nope, It's not a marketing stunt from Wii but it did come from a guy in advertising, Giovanny Gutierrez, director of interactive marketing at Miami's Tinsley Advertising. And, and, and...his girlfriend, Lauren, also works in the business. Neither, however, for Nintendo in any capacity.

As Giovanny tells Joystick Division, it was just a spec idea. "The whole thing was just an idea I had for a spec viral video. I came up with the idea because that really is my girlfriend (not my sister like many have assumed), she loves Wii Fit and even more, looks hot doing it. It's just crazy how it's blown up. It was on Digg, then national TV (G4's Attack of the Show), there's already spoofs online (here and hetre), and now you are inquiring about it."

lauren_wii.jpg, indeed, Lauren.

The video, entitled "Why every guy should buy their girlfriend a Wii Fit," is on its way to achieving one million views within a week of having been posted proving yet again the simple theory of viral video: amateurishly shot + hot chick + controversy = viral hit. Every brand can only hope for even one of these in its lifetime.

by Steve Hall    May-30-08   Click to Comment   
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That was an amazing good idea for a viral video. And he did have something to sell, his genius at coming up with great linkbait.

Posted by: biodiesel processor on May 31, 2008 4:40 PM

The video made me think about incentive/sacrifice dynamics, and how to turn it "for good"
Can I ask your opinion (critics are welcome) about this idea?



Posted by: Marco on June 2, 2008 8:00 PM

Wow. I had no idea women in underwear would be viral. Thanks. Let me add that to my list of obvious strategic directives in 2009

Posted by: Chris on January 5, 2009 2:50 PM

Wow. I had no idea a woman in underwear would be viral. Thanks. Let me add that to my list of obvious strategic directives in 2009

Posted by: Christopher on January 5, 2009 2:52 PM