Crumpler Tries its Hand with Toilet Paper Advertising


For the record, we think Crumpler's* Paint By Numbers toilet paper rolls -- in a stall near you! -- are totally rad. (Read the colour key!)

With that said, the effort lit a spark in us that ignites every time we see yet another brand trying to do something with toilet paper. Like the occasional outbreak of insanity, every few months somebody pitches us with some TP-oriented thing that they're sure will bring ruminations of their genius to public stalls everywhere. See examples one and two.

This must stop. *waves hands in your faces* Unless you're a toilet paper brand (see examples one, two and three), quit trying to make us wipe our Holiest of Grails with your logo.

Have you ever considered how efforts like this could backfire? Close your eyes for a sec and imagine a line of girls at the gyno's office. It burns when they pee, and -- because they're too embarrassed to admit their hygiene is poor or their pants are too tight -- they blame it on the ink they absorbed from, oh, Discovery's latest Dirty Jobs promotion.

And I'm not saying inky TP is guaranteed to give you a yeastie.

I'm saying that, for the most part, toilet paper advertising is icky. It gives us weird associations and invades our porcelain Zen time. Is that how you want to be remembered?


* Its website, by the way, also kicks grand ass.

by Angela Natividad    Oct-22-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Good, Guerilla, Opinion, Strange   

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