Snapple's in the Music Business Now


Earlier this year, Snapple ran an ad to promote its new antioxidant-enriched water. It featured a guy leaping around in a bubblewrap world to the semi-infectious Cat's Meow by The Bad Eliots.

The commercial didn't exactly fare swimmingly, but Snapple's seed firm M80 claims it drummed up plenty of interest for The Bad Eliots in the blogosphere and elsewhere. So, partly to help them out and partly to make itself look more creatively robust, Snapple helped The Bad Eliots produce and release a snazzy new music video.

It's quirky and low-def, making it obvious blogger bait.

Watch The Bad Eliots, wearing pixellated boxes for heads, perform Cat's Meow in a subway car slathered in Snapple print ads. That passengers keep craning in to take pics with their camera phones only adds to the authenticity. Oh, and those random security camera shots? Nice touch.

In terms of band awesomeness gone viral, though, we haven't seen anything yet that beats OK Go's treadmill video.

by Angela Natividad    Dec-11-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Brands, Guerilla, Online, Promotions, Video   

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