Diesel's Five on Fifth: the Rabbit Hole You've Always Wanted


For better or worse, Diesel knows how to seize attention. ("Pete the Meat Puppet" is STILL stuck in our heads, and there's no way on earth we can ever unwatch "XXX SFW.")

But its gaze-gathering talents aren't strictly 'net-based. To draw mass appeal to the grand opening of its Five on Fifth (Ave.) location, the label balked at the notion of a one-night celebu-fete. Too bland. Not exclusive enough. Instead, it threw together a hodgepodge of quirky personages -- think Mad Hatter's tea party for grownups -- and held multiple dinner parties at its storefront window.

According to Oberholtzer Creative, each dinner included six guests that "embody the essence of the hipper side of New York": one night the It Girls, another night the New York Giants. The parties were cast in ordinary living-room settings with a few twists. (Photos and descriptions here and here.)

Unwitting outsiders were invited to gawk at heart's content. No worries to soiree-exempt New Yorkers, though; the retail experience at Five on Fifth is supposed to be just as memorable: think wifi, recharging stations, multilingual staff, multilevel floors and DJs on the spin. Every. Fucking. Day.

I salivate to think about it, and I haven't worn anything Diesel since the Evelyns went scarce.

by Angela Natividad    Mar- 4-09   Click to Comment   
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