Viagra's 'Couple' Touches Us Where We Least Expect It


Everything about Viagra makes us laugh. We all know what it's for (and spam has ensured that we never forget!), but the ads are never really about doin' The Do -- they're always about love and intimacy, which in this jaded world is a lot like taking the sluggish scenic route to the same destination.

So, fingertips at the ready, we watched "Couple" with the full intention of taking the piss out of it. And get this: we couldn't. Because it moved us.

Yeah, we're embarrassed too.

Watch while a slow-moving elderly couple, gatekeepers to a seasoned love, make the long trip upstairs. As they advance, they grow flirtier, younger and ... well ... friskier.*

The tagline, "Like the first time," puts that last youthful animorph into perspective. We'll give it cred for sentimentality, but do you remember your first time? For most of us, it didn't really last that long. From what we hear (and only what we hear), a Viagra hit is more like that one time in college you dropped E and got dirty with the candy raver.

Work by Z Publicidad/Mexico and Catatonia Films for Phizer's Ogilvy. Word to Z: We could've done without the spinning pill at the end. =P


*Kinda reminded us of Levi's "Dangerous Liaisons," which is also about the inexplicable changes that occur on the long amorous road to Squeaky Mattress Land.

by Angela Natividad    Mar- 2-09   Click to Comment   
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