Sprint Gets on the Level with New Palm Pre Ad


@emmanuelvivier of Buzz Paradise drew our glances to the first-ever Sprint ad to feature the delectable Palm Pre.

Yeah, we know how you feel about iPhone killers (death of the Storm, anyone?) but after seeing the Pre demo at CES we're feeling optimistic about it.

The Palm Pre isn't the only thing that makes this ad so tasty. It also marks a turning-point from Sprint's ingratiating Dan Hesse campaign and feels less effortful, more in-touch. It feeds on our modern-day mania for absorbing as much information as possible, even down to complete banalities. (What are covert office texters texting about? Diapers, mostly.)

But you know what made this? That priceless two-second jab about Twitter, nodding to its popularity as well as to the fact a huge portion of the population still has no idea WTF it is. NICE. Oh, and because we're just repetitive like that, see Steve's take.

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