Bouncy Balls, Ypulse Mashup, Top SocMedia Brands


- Magnetic poetry a la Twitter.

- TV ads buoy Hulu.

- Mobile e-commerce barcode thing.

- Plugging value matters. Especially now.

- Thanks to a simple enough idea floated by this guy right here, El Pollo Loco decides to accept the KFC-Oprah coupon. (Okay, only on Mother's day. Still: coup, baby, COUP!)

- Get your tweens here: It's YPulse mashup time again, and using code "AR" (for "Adrants") will score you 10% off the event price.

- FC Barcelona and UNICEF unite to support kids with AIDS.

- Apple makes top 20 -- thrice -- in list of top social brands. (iPhone's #1.)

- Unchained Office. (Whoosh.)

- Mentos Gum busts out with bouncy bouncy balls -- which has the unfortunate effect of bringing ING's Electric Orange to mind, not chewy mints.

by Angela Natividad    May- 8-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Guerilla, Online, Social   

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