Quilmes: So Tasty, You'll Sacrifice Your :30 in Adland


"Hey big nose. I think we're in a Quilmes spot."

Young & Rubicam make good in the comically self-aware "Spot," where two guys at a club look around and discover, by virtue of the gimmicks they recognize from beer ads, that they're living in an ad for Quilmes, a brand of Argentinian beer.

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"Here comes the part when two chicks start checking us out from the bar in slow motion."
"Spot" makes sport of all our beer-selling tropes -- people standing in a row drinking the same beer, bleeped-out cursing, infinitely too-hot girls in the same periphery -- without feeling too over-the-top or campy.

And rather than settle for being just another post-post-modern self-aware ad, Y&R manages to tie the situation back to the merits of its product: "Once you take a sip, it's over," Guy 1 warns as they take their ice-cold Quilmes off the bar.

Unable to resist, Big Nose's lips lean in for the kill. His friend despondently surrenders to the appearance of the Quilmes logo and tagline, signifying the end of awesomeville.

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