In the Name of Futbol, Adriana Lima Reduces Men to Puddles of Slack-Jawed Helplessness


No sooner had we shared our lament over the fact Carl's Jr. and Hardee's had seemingly abandoned their sex sells approach, we see Kia is unapologetically illustrating the awesome power a hot woman holds over a man, or in this case, sports fans who think there are actually sports other than soccer worth watching during World Cup month.

In three David&Goliath-created spots, Adriana Lima (and her endless legs and come-hither smirk) turns men into slack-jawed putty which she then molds into World Club fans by cooing, "In my country, this is football."

Like lemmings off a cliff, every guy is more than happy to become a soccer fan for a month. And why not? What wouldn't you do for a supermodel in a little black dress?

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by Steve Hall    Jun- 9-14    
Topic: Racy

Watch These Chickens Go Crazy At the Sight of Big Breasts


I guess once you've hooked up with every last hottie on the planet and you've milked the whole sex sells thing to death, the only thing left is...chickens. Yea, chickens. And that's what we get in this new 72andSunny-created ad for Carl's Jr. and Hardee's.

Because the chain's Big Chicken Fillet has the biggest chicken breasts in town, even chickens (yes, I know they're roosters) can't stay away.

While there's no blatant sex sell approach here, they did manage to drop in a reference to big breasts. That's gotta count for something, right?

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by Steve Hall    Jun- 9-14    
Topic: Commercials

MINI Gives Props to Other Car Owners With Branded 'Compliment Cards'


Like your friend's car? Or maybe the car some stranger parked beside you? Or maybe you just have a crush on someone (or their car) and you want to let them know? MINI has you covered. The car brand, with help from Boston-based BEAM Interactive, is out with a collection of "car compliment cards" you can drop on the windshield of cars you love or just to add some excitement to the boredom of the day.

Check them out on this Facebook page.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 9-14    
Topic: Specialty

Agency Goes From Garage to Cannes in One Year


Well here's a happy story. It's the story of a man named...oh wait...not that story. It's the story of an ad agency,, a Vancouver-based agency with the most bizarrely awesome website we have seen in years, perhaps since the early days of Modernista.

The agency is out with a video which tells the story of how they started in a suburban garage and are now off to Cannes to tell the world how they became so awesome. Along the way, the picked up work from 7-Eleven and Mercedes and used Fivr to create create content.

Congratulations, guys. I'd see you there if I was going.

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by Steve Hall    Jun- 9-14    
Topic: Agencies

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You Can't View This YouTube Content But You Can Fly to France for 79 Euros


Here's an intriguing use of YouTube. In an effort to promote their flights to France to French-speaking Belgians, Brussels Airlines, with help from BBDO Belgium, used blocked content videos to achieve this goal.

As background, 40% of French speaking Belgians watch TV programs that are broadcast in France rather than those broadcast in Belgium. When a viewer misses an episode of his favorite TV program, it can be watched later online. Great. But only if you live in France. Belgians see "This content is not available in your country."

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by Steve Hall    Jun- 9-14    
Topic: Video