Building A Social Media Strategy For Your Startup: 5 Things To Note


Every once in a while, there comes an entrepreneur with a great idea regarding a cutting-edge product solution or a service offering. Make no mistake there is no dearth of innovative startup ideas out there. Why then are there so few startups that can call themselves truly successful?

The reason is that most startups fail at marketing themselves in the best possible fashion. It is true that without a great product, you are not going to take it too far. It is equally true that having a great product or service idea is not enough. 

You need to place that great idea in front of the right target audiences, engage with them, convince them of your proposition and close the final sale! This is where social media marketing and its relevant strategies come into play. 

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by Steve Hall    Jun-29-22    
Topic: Social

Using Social Media Banners to Your Advantage


The advantages social media can unlock for your business or career are to some extent limitless. That said their effectiveness as your purely customizable marketing tool depends solely on how you take advantage of the various platforms at your disposal. Have you ever considered using your top banner on LinkedIn or Facebook to promote yourself or your business?

Your Banner, Your Future

There are numerous guides on how to perfect social media advertising or how to increase your reach via social media, but many of these guides tend to ignore what visitors to your profile are going to see first: the banner. In that relatively small rectangular box, you can provide critical information about yourself or your business in one split-second impression. Taking advantage of that impression may determine whether the visitor reads on or not. In the rest of this article we will share some design pointers to take advantage of that second you have to make a good impression.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-24-22    
Topic: Social

5 Ways to Organically Increase Your Instagram Followers


Instagram has taken the world by storm and shows no signs of slowing down. Social media marketing has become the number one go-to tool for businesses that want to expose their brand for little to no cost. However, Instagram is not just the playground of business marketing, many aspiring content creators are also joining this wonderful platform and want their voices heard.

At the very beginning of their career journey, many Instagram brands reach out for a lifeline through bot-based follower growing marketing agencies that promise rather unreal numbers of instant followers, but your focus should really only be on increasing followers the organic way. When we speak about an organic increase in following we mean real followers. Read on and find out how to grow without sinking your marketing budget.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-14-22    
Topic: Social

Best Social Media Marketing Tips For Beginners to Grow Their Business


As a brand, you know at this point that a huge number of your potential clients are via online entertainment, correct? Numerous organizations that know the effect of web-based entertainment promoting on their primary concern have been utilizing online entertainment techniques, for example, development administrations to build their scope. Moreover, more entrepreneurs are currently mastering important advanced abilities, for example, SEO and video advertising to dominate at virtual entertainment promoting.

Fortunately business visionaries aren't the ones in particular who stand to profit from acquiring such abilities. Advertisers and others who need to get by on the web can effectively remain important in the present computerized space by learning the under eight online entertainment promoting abilities.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-18-22    
Topic: Social

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A Guide to Getting Started with Instagram Ads


Advertising on Instagram is a powerful and visually-driven way to get your products, services, or website front and center to your targeted audience.

You can create video campaigns seamlessly and then optimize them. Businesses advertising on Instagram often see an impressive return on their investment, but it can be overwhelming to get started.

The following is a guide to getting started with Instagram and some of the most important things to know.

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by Steve Hall    Mar- 8-22    
Topic: Social

How To Choose The Best TikTok Influencer Agency For Your Brand


As TikTok rose to be the ultimate marketing powerhouse, finding the right TikTok influencer agency has become an essential component of your marketing strategy. With influencer marketing success at an all-time high, TikTok legitimately became the go-to platform to generate online engagement and leverage viewership that increase overall marketing reach. From startups to large-scale companies and brands, people use TikTok to create interest and grasp consumer attention. This article will give you everything you need to know about TikTok influencer agencies and why you should have one today.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-24-21    
Topic: Social

5 Ways US Online Casinos Can Boost their Social Media Engagement


In the digital world, social media is king. Social media engagement is important for all online casinos, but it isn't easy. Think of it like a dinner party. Inviting people over is important, but it isn't enough.

You must also entertain and engage with them. Many online casinos can attract followers to their social media platforms, but they fail to engage them. Here are a few ways that online casinos in the United States can improve their social media engagement.

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by Steve Hall    Aug- 6-21    
Topic: Social

Social Media Is Driving Today's Polarization and Killing Brand Reputation


Social media toxicity is nothing new. It's growing at dizzying rates. And unfortunately, you don't need to be a high-profile athlete or a celebrity or politician with millions of followers to have a toxic bullhorn - all you need is a social media account, and you can cause damage to brands through one simple function: the comments and replies.

Brands, you have fair warning. Every second of the day, individual trolls of every stripe, are doing the equivalent of walking into your brick-and-mortar retail store and shouting racist and homophobic hate speech, as well as how much they think your product sucks. Would you allow this in real life? Of course not. So why are so many brands allowing their social channels to be hijacked with vulgarities and hate speech?

The brutal truth is, on a broader scale, social media is driving societal polarization, not the other way around, and it's not only impacting brands, but society itself.

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by Steve Hall    Jun- 4-21    
Topic: Social

5 Reasons for Brands to Embrace Instagram Instead of Facebook


Being on the right side of marketing means you have digitized your marketing style and have adopted social media marketing. You understand the importance of having a branding strategy that involves social media. You are already reaping the rewards, but you can't shake the feeling that there could be more to be gotten. You yearn for more customer engagement and more visibility. What if we told you the answer is quite simple. The answer is in a social media platform you have been using over the years. No, you guessed wrong. We aren't talking about Facebook. We are talking about Instagram.

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by Steve Hall    May-25-21    
Topic: Social

How to Think About Your Clubhouse Audio Strategy


Clubhouse is a social media app. Audiences can facilitate audio channels of communication through virtual rooms.

The rooms host people who are added mainly by invitation. We should note that Apple iOS users are the only operating systems accommodated. In these virtual rooms, we find live chats where those invited can either speak or listen.

Digital marketing and SEO website promotions are factors when attempting to create solid content on the power of audio strategies like Clubhouse. Thanks to Scanteam CEO Alex Lysak, we can collect, analyze, and record data. This present benefits current and future markets in this field.

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by Steve Hall    May- 3-21    
Topic: Social