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Maxim Launches India Edition


Dennis Publishing has announced its Maxim magazine will launch its 30th international edition, this time in India, making it the first, according to international licensing director Richard Bean, international men's lifestyle magazine in India. The magazine will debut this month under an agreement with Media Transasia.

Maxim's India edition will have a distribution of 80,000 copies, edited by Sunil Mahra and published by Piyush Sharma.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 1-05    
Topic: Magazine

Diesel Scalps Hair For Jeans


Of course this might be some sort of new sexual, hair-scalping fetish but how exactly does this sell jeans? Oh wait. this is Diesel. They don't sell jeans. They just make freaky ads.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 1-05    
Topic: Magazine, Strange

New Toothbrush Excites


We're just not quite sure we, or anyone for that matter, could get this excited about a toothbrush. But, seeing that the device is battery powered, vibrates and the woman is gleefully grabbing it with joyous delight, we could be wrong.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 1-05    
Topic: Magazine, Strange

Package Redesign So Much Better Than Bad Hair Day


We don't really understand the whole Bad Hair Day thing but, apparently, for women, it's a big deal. The trip home from the hairdresser can be a very traumatic experience causing grief and distress. Adjab tells us Tetly Tea understands that not all change is good so that's why they've limited their changes to package design and not the flavor of its tea.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 1-05    
Topic: Commercials

Sex And The City Takes Over Page Six


Using the soon to be ubiquitous new online advertising unit, the New York Post has plastered Sex and the City all over its Page Six section background-style. The page contains logos, banners and a background image all designed to promote the release of the HBO series' DVD release. It's not a bad ad unit if you ask us. In fact, we dreamed up the same idea way back in 1996 but since we never did anything about it all we can do is cry in our puddle of spillt milk.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 1-05    
Topic: Newspaper, Online

Rep Firm Grows, Gets Dynamic


Online rep firm ICON Advertising Solutions has added eight new publishers to its roster including Savvy.com and SheKnows.com. Savvy Managing Director Jonathan Gravenor said, "We chose Icon because we share the same beliefs. It's not just about selling ad space, it's about creating dynamic new campaigns that work, and go well beyond traditional digital advertising." If an ad network can do that, then things certainly have changed. The company has also signed two night-lifestyle sites, AllNightClubs.com and Nitevibe.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 1-05    
Topic: Online

'Up Your Budget' Contest Awards Three, Enters Second Week


Budget's Up Your Budget blog-based, 16-city treasure hunt has 3 out of a possible 4 winners last week. Over a four week period, there will be a total of 16 winners. The treasure hunt provides hunters with written and video clues on the blog. The clues point to where in the city a sticker is located. Apparently, the sticker placed in the fourth city, San Diego, was lost or removed so there will be a "do-over" in that city the last week of the hunt. As the blog says, "the steaks are high." And no, that's not misspelled according to the blog which, in response to a person who caught the apparent misspelling and emailed the blog, wrote, "Thanks to the hunter who emailed to tell me that "steaks" should be spelled "stakes." I have a feeling that particular hunter is not going to be one of our winners this week. Just a certain poetic notion...." Apparently, clues are everywhere, folks.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 1-05    
Topic: Weblogs

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