Twitter for Christ, Facebook Narcissists, Vaseline for Men, McCains on the Grill


- Recap of the McCain/Rachael Ray glee-fest.

- University of Georgia claims narcissists can be pegged by their Facebook photos.

- Save your soul -- and the rotting souls of others -- while microblogging. Way to multi-task!

- AIG yanks all corporate ad campaigns.

- Why iTunes Genius is a boon to impulse digital music buyers. I'm still waiting for the day it can actually compile playlists for, like, half my songs, though.

- Careful what you search. Brad Pitt and Beyonce are gunning for you. Well ... no, not really.

- How Wall Street's collapse affects digital marketers.

- Those plastic surgeons and their irresponsible, utterly misleading! ad campaigns.

- Vaseline just for men. Like it wasn't mostly men using it anyway.

- Autographed Denny Hamlin ad stuff on eBay.

- More proof that Enfatico doesn't share our reality.

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