Jim Lehrer Auditions for 'Make 'Em Laugh'


"Three guys walk into a bar. The fourth one ducked."

Endure this and two more deadpan knee-slappers by anchorman Jim Lehrer in this ad for Make 'Em Laugh, a new PBS show targeted to younger audiences. (An age range wasn't provided, but I'm guessing it aims for the Daily Show demo.)

The premier airs on January 14. I don't feel much incentive to see it. I get that Lehrer's un-funniness was the butt of the joke, but the delivery wasn't funny at all.


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by Angela Natividad    Dec- 7-08    

Microsoft Does Softwear. No, That's Not a Typo.


Having failed (twice!) to woo young defectors with ads, Microsoft tries appealing to their unending quest for ironic shirts.

The so-called Softwear line of tees joins Crispin Porter + Bogusky's ongoing "I'm a PC" campaign. Common -- who already appears in ads for Microsoft's Zune -- infused the shirts with retro cred and his own '80s-inspired designs.

Variants include:

o The DOS Tangle: "The first logo you saw on a screen."
o The 101: "Learn to speak the language." Oooh, binary.
o The Misdemeanor: "Everyone deserves a second chance."

There's something the world needs now: mugshots of Bill Gates prowling the streets.

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