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Century 21 Serves Life-Stage Housing Needs in Super Bowl Ads


In a departure from last year's celebrity-fueled silliness, Century 21 will return to the Super Bowl this year with four commercials that address the housing needs of people in various stages of life. Of course, this being the Super Bowl they do contain humor. But not humor for humor's sake.

Each ad addresses the needs of those in a certain life stage. From a just married couple to an expecting couple to an empty nester couple to the not-so-common recent lottery winning couple, the ads humorously identify with people changing needs throughout life.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-28-13    
Topic: Super Bowl 2013

Half of Americans to Re-Watch Super Bowl Ads [Infographic]


It would seem the lifespan of a Super Bowl ad keeps growing as Americans will be searching, sharing and rewatching ads this year more than ever before, according to independent San Francisco advertising agency Venables Bell & Partners. Results from its fourth annual Super Bowl survey saw these numbers rise particularly among millennials and those who report they'll be, ahem, hungover on Super Bowl Monday. Some highlights from the study.

Not only will half of Americans rewatch ads, but 40% will share ads. 86% will do so via Facebook and 30% via sharing on Twitter (a 500% increase from 2012). Theoretically, this means with 111 million people watching the game, and with the average Facebook user having 130 friends, those collective posts could result in over 4.9 billion incremental impressions.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-25-13    
Topic: Research, Super Bowl 2013

I'd like to Buy the World A...Volkswagen?


Sorry. We can't help it. While we like this Deutsch LA-created Volkswagen Super Bowl teaser ad which gathers together a cavalcade YouTube freak outs for a come-to-Jesus-like moment with reggae musician Jimmy Cliff, we can't help but conjure visions of Coke's 1971 classic "I'd like to Buy the World A Coke" commercial. Oh wait. It was intentional. My bad.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-25-13    
Topic: Super Bowl 2013

GoDaddy Releases First of Two Super Bowl Ads


Last year, about a third of Super Bowl advertisers released their commercials prior to the game. Will we see the same this year? Already Coke and Audi have released teasers along with Toyota. And now GoDaddy is out with on of its two commercials.

The commercial, typical Super Bowl silliness, touts the brand's .CO domain and urges anyone with a "big" idea" to hurry up and register a domain name before someone else beats them to it. That way, you can drink champagne on your private jet piloted by Danica Patrick.

GoDaddy's second commercial will feature new GoDaddy Girl Bar Rafaeli.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-25-13    
Topic: Super Bowl 2013

Kaley Cuoco Makes Dreams Come True in Toyota Super Bowl Teaser


Earlier this month we reported Toyota had signed a deal with Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco to appear in the brand's Super Bowl commercial. The commercial itself will feature a photo chosen from an Instagram photo competition held between January 4 and January 12.

This week, Toyota released a teaser that has 27-year-old Cuoco sashaying down the street sprinkling purple fairy dust and granting people their wishes.

Cuoco can also be seen playing William Shatner's daughter in a recent Priceline commercial

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by Steve Hall    Jan-25-13    
Topic: Super Bowl 2013

Sex, Lies, Video...And Really Awesome Awards in Las Vegas


Last week we were in Las Vegas for Affiliate Summit. It's the premiere conference focusing on affiliate marketing. If you're not familiar with affiliate marketing, you should be. Read this to learn more.

If you have been following us on Flickr, we always try to bring you photos of all the event's happenings. Affiliate Summit is the kick off event of the year for our annual conference travels and a time for reflections and looking at the good and the bad of the year before. It's also a great time to catch a cold from the 5,000 attendees and the tens of thousands who were in the city the week prior for CES.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-25-13    
Topic: Bright Ones, Industry Events

Kate Upton's Mercedes Super Bowl Bowl Teaser A Giant Fail


Back in November we reported Kate Upton would play the role of "object of sesire" in a Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl commercial. Well, the teaser is out and it's the lamest piece of trash we have seen in, perhaps, forever.

In the ad, Upton, dressed extremely conservatively, is the furthest thing from an object of desire. In fact, she's hardly the focal point of the teaser.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-24-13    
Topic: Super Bowl 2013

Peter Stormare Helps You Play More Call of Duty


The multi-faceted Peter Stormare has been tapped by 72andSunny for this new Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Revolution video. In the ad, he takes on the persona of The Replacer, the man whose job involves making more time for men to play Black Ops 2 Revolution.

After Stormare notes there will be certain life events that may interfere with your playing time, we see him in several "replacement" scenarios, one of which gives a nod to the scene in Fargo in which he makes use of a wood chipper.

Say what you will about video games perpetuating violence, this ad is funny.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-24-13    
Topic: Celebrity, Video

Microsoft Hires Designer of Famed Microsoft Redesign Project


Back in July, LA Art Center College of Design student Andrew Kim proposed a redesign of Microsoft branding. His idea, encapsulated on this website, went viral and Microsoft took notice. And hired him.

Yes. Microsoft has hired Andrew Kim. Of the news, Kim wrote, "I'll be designing for Microsoft as of summer. I promise that I'll make the my greatest work ever while I'm there."

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by Steve Hall    Jan-22-13    
Topic: Brands

American Airlines Logo Must be Pretty Big to See From the Ground


- The new American Airlines logo is great and all but could people really see it from the ground?

- The One Club's Annual Creative Hall of Fame event that is taking place in NYC this coming Tuesday night. This year, Advertising Legends Steve Hayden, Martin Puris, Jim Riswold and John Webster are being honored for their lifetime of achievements in the industry.

- BBDO New York has, for the sixth time, placed number one on The Directory Big Won, a directory of most awarded agencies

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by Steve Hall    Jan-18-13    
Topic: Agencies, Brands

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