Survey: People Want More Clothed, Hetero People on TV

At least they're not gay

Three quarters of people surveyed by the Pew Research Center said that they wanted to see tougher enforcement of curbs on indecency in the media, particularly broadcast TV when children might be present. 60 percent said they wanted to see broadcast decency standards ported over to cable, and more than two thirds wanted to goose fines up further. Just about a third of all respondents said that they were concerned about content that showed homosexuals or dealt with gay issues. That same third of respondents later indicated they meant that concern in a very manly, decisive manner, not in an empathetic, whiny way.

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Topic: Trends and Culture

BK One-Ups Wendy's with Severed Hand

Unfortunate timing

Burger King has had so much fortune with its various daring commercials and viral efforts over the past couple years, but its luck ran out when Crispin Porter & Bogusky's newest effort (via Adland) happened to involve a severed hand. Severed hand, you ask? What could possibly go awry with a campaign for a big fast food burger that involved a severed hand? Yeah, now you see it. Wendy's recent fracas involving a chili-dipped severed finger of unknown provenance is currently slamming its marketshare nationwide, and especially on the West Coast, where that's actually considered grody.

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Topic: Commercials

KFC Brings Back 'Fried,' Colonel Gets Facelift

Still hip, kinda

AdJab points to what seems like a test effort to bring back the old Kentucky Fried Chicken branding after years of hiding the "fried" in the moniker KFC. One could easily wonder whether worrying about the impact of health concerns on the Kentucky Fried Chicken brand should be a priority when the founder-cum-spokes cartoon is an old guy dressed up in a white suit going by the name of Colonel. In all fairness, the real "colonel" didn't get his rank fighting to maintain the institution of slavery, but rather was awarded the honorary by the finger licking governor of Kentucky in 1935. Still, that's a fairly esoteric explanation to get across to urban fast food customers for whom southern gentlemen get-ups remind them most of Boss Hogg, if not the men who worked carefully to undo the social policies of Reconstruction. KFC owner Yum! Brands has to date neutralized this seeming brand albatross by caricaturing the founder in cartoon and having him - I have difficulty bringing myself to type it - rap.

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Topic: Campaigns

JibJab Launches New Piece


Last night JibJab launched (via MarketingVOX) a new viral video celebrating the digestive intricacies of Matzah. Intel runs a short repurposed TV ad in the beginning of the spot.

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Topic: Viral

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