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Mini Promoted With Gas Pump Word of the Day


In another simple but inventive marketing tactic, Mini ads have been placed atop gas pumps with "word of the day" trivia giving people something to do while pumping gas. It's a lot better than the cents off coupons for bland products like Coke of Mountain Dew. The words, of course, are related to the gas pumping environment. The word in this ad is "Spumped," defined as a condition that occurs when you get to the gas station but can't remember what side your tank is on.

by Steve Hall    Jul-10-05    
Topic: Outdoor, Point of Purchase

Nike and Maria Sharapova Become Japanese Sex Pillows


AdPulp points to a Nike/Maria Sharapova brand rip off that could only come from sexually repressed Japan. A company called Sharanpowan is selling pillows shaped like the breasts and lap of the famous tennis starlet. We suppose playing with Sharapova's pillows is better than copping a feel in public to take care of sexual urges but this, one has to admit, it just weird.

by Steve Hall    Jul-10-05    
Topic: Brands

Gwyneth Paltrow Becomes Bean Pole Spokemodel


While many might say blond hottie Gwenyth Paltrow needs no more association with the term bean pole as she, and all other Hollywood actresses, are skinny enough as it is. But, then again, when does a Hollywood starlet display rock solid common sense? While that may a bit too much over analyzation of the situation, Gwenyth has decided to become the spokesmodel for Bean Pole, a Korean fashion brand under the wing of Samsung. Bean Pole hopes Gwenyth's popularity will help make the brand a hit in the States. Recently, Paltrow also signed with Estee Lauder to face for its pleasures line.

by Steve Hall    Jul-10-05    
Topic: Campaigns, Celebrity

ad:tech chicago 05 Unloads, Sets Up


Per usual on the eve before the first day of an ad:tech conference, the exhibit hall looked like King Kong's playground with large crates strewn about the floor, booths half built and trade show staff furiously working to put the puzzle together before the throngs of attendees swarm the floor the next morning. Without fail, the hall will look pristine by the time the doors open and attendees make a mad dash for free pens and other assorted tschotchkes. Admire King Kong's playground here.

by Steve Hall    Jul-10-05    
Topic: Industry Events

New Look Unveiled for ad:tech


Alongside the Chicago River and under beautifully sunny skies Sunday afternoon, dmg worldwide media unveiled its new look for its ad:tech shows to an audience of exhibitors and show officials. The new look will consist of the lower-case effect which will be implemented across all signage and the conference's website (launching Monday morning). Also announced was ad:tech connect, a networking resource providing attendees the ability to browse for product profiles, conference sessions, companies speakers and fellow attendees. ad:tech connect will also function as a networking resource where attendees can create profiles, search other attendee's profiles, send and receive messages and meet executives from other companies in the industry.

Additional images here.

by Steve Hall    Jul-10-05    
Topic: Industry Events

David Lee Roth to Replace Howard Stern


There are unconfirmed reports that former Van Halen rocker David Lee Roth will take over for Howard Stern when Stern leaves for Sirius Satellite at the end of this year. The report came from SteppinOutMagazine publisher Chaunce Hayden, a Stern regular who claims "an Infinity source has confirmed the signing."

by Steve Hall    Jul- 8-05    

Mini Drives Up Billboard


Minis don't just appear atop trucks driven around cities for onlookers to ogle, they also appear on billboards in New Zealand.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 8-05    
Topic: Outdoor

GAP Picks Michelle Williams As New Spokesmodel


Doing a search on Google, one might conclude the GAP should have chosen Michelle Williams, the Dawson's Creek star instead of Michelle Williams, the Destiny's Child singer for their new spokesmodel. While the GAP has acknowledged its intentions to use several celebs in succession for its ad campaigns, after just a few months of Joss Stone, one might conclude the GAP is suffering a seriously fickle case of ADD.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 8-05    
Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Celebrity

Eurostar Campaign Says 69 Best Price And Position


A Belgium ad campaign for travel site Eurostar is promoting a two-way, $69 ticket. Whether the price or the ad concept came first, you can be sure there were creatives at TBWA/Belgium and Hypervision running around the halls, shouting, "Dude, this is gonna fucking rock! Sixty nine Euros - I got the perfect concept!" The campaign consists of all sort of sexual 69 position imagery in print, outdoor and a viral site.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 8-05    
Topic: Campaigns

Nielsen to Interupt Viewers Every 42 Minutes


We are so glad we work in the advertising industry which, gleefully, keeps us out almost all survey databases and out of Arbitron and Nielsen survey pools. Especially since Nielsen will now be interrupting Nielsen people meter users every 42 minutes, reminding them to register their viewing. Previously, interruptions would occur only when the channel was changed. Isn't advertising a wonderful thing?

by Steve Hall    Jul- 8-05    
Topic: Research, Television

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