Seifert Code Oddly Similar to Australia Code


Examining a couple of pages of Shona Seifert's recently written Proposed Code of Ethics for the Advertising Industry as part of a sentence for her mishandling Ogilvy & Mather funds, New Communications has found striking similarities between Seifert's code and the Adverting Federation of Australia's Agency Code of Ethics and wonders just how much Seifert has learned about ethics. While Seifert does site reference to the Australian code in her code, the similarities are, indeed, striking. Of course, there's aren't too many ways to say, "Don't Cheat. Don't Steal. Be Honest. Work Hard."

by Steve Hall    Sep-16-05    
Topic: Agencies, Policy

LeTigre Rips Back Off LaCoste


American-based LeTigre, makers of those preppy Tiger-emblazoned shirts is having fun with a street poster campaign which shows a tiger ripping into the back on an alligator (crocodile for detail freaks), icon of French-based LaCoste, another pretty shirt brand. It seems both these brands are making a comeback but neither will ever achieve the popularity both had back in the 80's which you can now marvel at by watching FOX's Reunion - at leasts for a few episodes as each episode moves ahead one year.

by Steve Hall    Sep-16-05    
Topic: Brands, Outdoor, Poster

Scion Ad Encourages Inspiration...But Not Too Much


Bucky Turco points to recent ad in L Magazine for the new Scion tC which promotes the cars ability to be customized with 30 available accessories. It's all about realizing one's inspirations and how the Scion tC makes that possible. However, there seem to boundaries to this realization as indicated by the disclaimer under the car's image which reads, "Vehicle featured is modified with non-Genuine Scion parts. Check with your local dealer as some accessories may void warranty, negatively impact vehicle performance, and may not be street legal."

Basically, Scion is telling buyers to go ahead and realize inspirations with their car as long as those inspirations live within the confines of Scion's available and, likely, highly priced options. Have fun, but not too much fun. It's a mixed message at best. Scion wants tuner wannabes to believe this car will be the answer to their long as those dreams aren't too broad.

by Steve Hall    Sep-16-05    
Topic: Creative Commentary

Phil Dusenberry Tells It Like It Was, And Still Is


Former BBDO Chairman Phil Dusenberry, the guy that worked on the Reagan campaign and the famous Michael Jackson Pepsi spot, has written a book called, Then We Set His Hair on Fire, a title nodding to the media circus which surrounded Michael Jackson's hair catching on fire while shooting the Pepsi spot. The book is great. The subtitle on the book "Insights and Accidents from a Hall-of-Fame Career in Advertising" sums up the tone of the book: humble and helpful commentary on a very successful career. It's the most enjoyable book we've read in a long time. Dusenberry takes readers through his very long and very successful career at BBDO as well as several years he spent on his own running his on shop. The book is all about the power of the Insight and how insights are related to but very different than Ideas. Many times the two terms are co mingled but after reading this book, the differences and similarities between the two are clearly understood. Ideas are great but it's insights you really want. It's the "Ah ha" moment.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-16-05    
Topic: Opinion

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