Agency Self Promotional Street Campaign Aims to Conquer World


Advertising For Peanuts highlights and ongoing self-promotional campaign, Bang the Streets, for Modernista, the Boston agency that just won a big chunk of Cadillac business. The campaign encourages people to place the agency's trademark red exclamation point, which the agency will send to anyone that requests it, anywhere they like, take a picture of it, send it in and Modernista will highlight it on the Bang the Streets site. Potential Photoshop trickery and defacing public property issues aside, We kinda like this campaign.

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And the point is?????????

If you go to all that time and effort, Modernista, you should have some idea to communicate.

And Adrants, you should be a bit more discriminating.

It must be a slow day over there.

Posted by: up001 on March 9, 2006 11:46 AM

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