Federated Media Launches Weblog Advertising Planning Tool


Weblog sales representation company Federated Media has just released a new advertising planning tool making it easy for advertisers to make an ad buy on the company's 50 blog publishers which include Boing Boing, Digg, TechCrunch, Fark and many others. We took a test drive and found the planning tool very easy to use providing easy selection of blogs based on segmented audience profiles and demographics gleaned from readership surveys. Individual sites, groups of sites or all sites can be included in the buy, flight dates can be set and IAB standard creative units can be selected. Federated media claims its collection of blogs can deliver 70 million monthly page views.

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by Steve Hall    May- 3-06    
Topic: Weblogs

Ad Says Pump Until White, Gooey Stuff Shoots Out


The people who created this ad are either living in a land far removed from current day culture, are completely clueless or, conversely, have a seriously twisted sense of humor. This ad for the Hasbro Super Soaker Oozinator features a gun that when pumped a few times shoots a white globular substance all over the faces and bodies of those in the ad. Sound familiar? We thought so. While we're sure it's fun to pump something until it shoots a bunch of gooey stuff, we can't help but imagine how this thing got created, reviewed and approved without a lot of snickering. Of course, we may be reading way too much into this but give it a look and decide for yourself.

UPDATE: Here's a hacked gif Hasbro probably doesn't want to see.

by Steve Hall    May- 3-06    
Topic: Bad, Commercials, Strange

ABC Cancels Ailing 'Commander in Chief'


In perhaps one of the biggest screw ups in a long time, ABC's Commander in Chief, after months of changing show runners, multiple hiatus's and changing timeslots, has been canceled. The show debited last fall as the highest rated new program on television with 17 million viewers. It was actually good too. But after show creator Rod Lurie was booted, Steven Bocho couldn't maintain it, former Lurie writer Dee Johnson couldn't save it and viewership plummeted to 7.5 million, the network pulled the plug. It;s unfortunate becasue the show had great promise and was on its way to success. Not sure who's at fault here since there were so many multiple changes but it is sad to see another quality TV show get cancelled.

by Steve Hall    May- 3-06    
Topic: Bad, Television

Curiously Strong Mint Gets Curiously Weird Website


Altoids has revamped their website converting the whole thing into some sort of Vaudeville (?) show. There's even a contortionist game that lets you drag a guy around the screen until he's all tangled up. While we know the kids like all this entertainment, we just like to go to the store and buy Altoids.

by Steve Hall    May- 3-06    
Topic: Online

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Cruise Follows Baby With Mission Impossible III


For those of you who are not all caught up in the Tom Cruise couch jumping/TomKat/Scientology/pregnancy gossip thing, there's a nice little online game you can play while watching the trailer for his M:i:III movie hitting the screens May 4. In the game, created by Lodon-based agency Hyper Happen, cubes come flying out of the trailer which you drag to a box that explains their meaning. At the end of the trailer, you must arrange them in the order they appeared. After that, you proceed to level two which links you to Google Earth where you can find some sort of 3D model relevant to the movie. We never got past the cubes so you'll have to play yourself to see what the deal is. Oh, and yes, Tom runs a lot in this movie just like he does here.

by Steve Hall    May- 3-06    

Campaign Urges Connecticut Healthcare Cost Discussion


Adams Knight has created a television campaign for universal healthcare advocacy group healthcare4every1 which illustrates the apparent power some individuals and groups are using to stifle the conversation about improving healthcare in the state. There are three spots in the campaign and in each spot when an individual is about to reveal the address of the healthcare4every1 website, they are stunted by various methods.

by Steve Hall    May- 3-06    
Topic: Campaigns, Good, Television

Mischa Barton in Bebe Ad Campaign


Jenny over at Wiregirl features some of the images of Mischa Barton in here new role as bebe spokesmodel. Perhaps Marisa should become a bit more like Barton is portrayed here. See the rest of the images here.

by Steve Hall    May- 3-06    
Topic: Campaigns, Celebrity, Good, Magazine

Perlorian Brothers Direct Wacky Lottery Spots


The Perlorian Brothers, otherwise known as Ian Letts and Michael Gelfand but who actually like to be called Laszlo & Lucky Perlorian, have directed a Publicis Seattle-created spot for the Washington State Lottery. In the spot two character demonstrate, through various pratfalls, there are much easier ways to win millions of dollars. See all three spots here.

Of note, in the second spot, the crash on the bicycle was actually an on-set accident. The bmx bike was rigged to disintegrate in the air, however the performer inadvertently triggered the destruction on his high speed run-up
resulting in the accidental wipe out into the wooden ramp which became the actual spot.

by Steve Hall    May- 3-06    
Topic: Commercials, Good, Television

Napster Offers Free, Ad-Supported Music

One would suppose the chance to listen to any music of one's choice for free might be a good thing. It certainly was (and still is) in the world of file sharing but the granddaddy of it all, Napster, is now offering free, ad-supported music. Yup. On the music service's site, 15 second video ads will be shown before listeners hear their selected tune. Up to five plays of 2 million songs can be heard for free. Then, the song can either be purchased for 99 cents of the visitor can subscribe to Napster's subscription service.

by Steve Hall    May- 3-06    
Topic: Online