MSN, Sprite Launch Social Site 'Exposure'


Our spies tell us StrawberryFrog has created an online campaign for MSN and Sprite called Exposure. It's a site the agency created to highlight work from three different groups of kids: graf artists, a basketball team and a band. Each person is making a video (or it's being made for them) about who they are, what they do, what they stand for, how they think. The video are then edited and placed on the site. We're told new content will be added to the site over the next six weeks. It's sort of a cross between reality TV, documentary-style video and a blog of sorts. Each person has an MSN Spaces blog as well.

Some of it's cool. Some of it's pretentious. A lot of it is epileptic. We do wonder why a "cool" video always seems to be defined as one with quick cuts and fast zooms. It gives us a headache. OK, so there all not like that and some of them are quite interresting. The promotion does seem to be an interesting way to draw people into MSN Spaces. After all, a good human interest story is worth a lot when it comes to creating interest.

CLARIFICATION: We love how these leaks are never 100 percent accurate. Yet another informant tells us: "StrawberryFrog handled talent procurement. The site was concepted and developed by Starcom MediaVest and MSN.


The Guy Whose Idea It Was

by Steve Hall    May-16-06   Click to Comment   
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