iPhone to Revolutionize Phones, Music Players, Lives at Large


Owning an iPhone is the equivalent of an out-of-body experience which is the only way to justify the 7% leap in Apple share post-unveiling and the $499-$599 price tag that out-hurrahs both iPod and BlackBerry.

ZDNet talks pros and cons, foreseeing death and suffering for many companies left vulnerable in the storm of common interest. With Apple's cultlike status they could have released this to the exact same jizz-in-the-pants fanfare.

There's a vibe in the air like people are down to give Apple their credit cards for safe-keeping until June, when the first iPhones will slide off conveyor belts and into warm laps. That is, if WOM is anything to go by as the topic's received a whoppin' 1,684 mentions on Google news alone per Adfreak's last count. Obviously iPhone is already more popular than the Beatles, a sweet irony because it's really only a platform for the Beatles and because Apple recently exercised total ownage over the Beatles.

Apple also changed its official title from Apple Computers to Apple Inc, better suited to accommodate its menagerie of soon-to-be-successful non-computer products, including iPhone and the iTV which will marry the 'net to the tube. That's definitely a pairing we've seen attempted before but with Apple's blessing (and the fact that the original WebTV is now owned by MSN, adding the critical pwnage component) we're sure it will fly this time around.

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I love the iPhone! The chatter has been around the blogs for months and months about its release and even mock-ups of what it would look like. After all those fakes—it doesn't look like any of them—It's even sexier! As for how well it funtions remains to be seen. My problem lies in the pricetag—4gig @ $499 and 8gig @ $599. Come on Steve, lets get realistic. Hell, I think I'll just strap my MacBook to my Nokia for now.

Posted by: John Boy on January 10, 2007 1:39 PM

I think it's funny how most people think the iPhone is such a life altering product, yet it hasn't even been released. Nothing like forming an opinion without all the facts.

Plus, what makes people think that Apple, just by creating a product, can make it the best on the market? What in their history, outside of the iPod, shows that they can dominate the market with a particular product? Oh wait, the personal computer. They surely have the stranglehold on the American public with that one. What, you mean 5% market share ISN'T overwhelming?

Posted by: jason on January 12, 2007 1:55 PM

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Posted by: Roger Smith on January 19, 2007 12:42 AM