Grassvertising at Wimbledon, Green Patriots in Cleveland, SAG Deluges Idaho, Coca-Cola Rents-a-Blog


- To jazz up its Wimbledon sponsorship, HSBC commissioned two artists to make photographs out of growing grass. Brings a freakish new angle to "watching grass grow."

- Cleveland-based? Go be a patriot. A green patriot.

- Former CEO Carly Fiorina of Hewlett Packard is among the contenders for VP under McCain. George Parker is hella bummed.

- The Screen Actors Guild is running ads for better labor terms. In local newspapers. In Idaho. So far there is only one comment on the story: "Dear everyone in Hollywood, leave Idaho alone. It is one of the last places in America that hasn't been corrupted by you."

- Coca-Cola wants itself some Portuguese social media love for a new drink called i9, but apparently they're just pissing bloggers off. Maybe it's that "follow your inner truth" nonsense. Or the free USB mini-fridge. Yeah, free fridges piss me off too.

by Angela Natividad    Jul-10-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Cause, Guerilla, Newspaper, Political, Promotions   

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