Brin Blogs Heart Out, Lee Jumps Ship, CP+B Not Quite So 'PC'


- Google's Sergey Brin started a blog. In the first entry, he discloses his risk for Parkinson's disease. The New York Times probes why he'd do that.

- British actor Paul Kaye plays Seamus Murphy, the shady proprietor of an airport car park, for another one of those not-yet-viral "viral" campaigns. This is for Holiday Extras, a travel website.

- Esther Lee departs EuroRSCG.

- The Truth is running a music remix contest for its Sunny Side of Truth campaign. Turn your volume down before clicking. Top mixes get their song released on iTunes, some signed swag, and Ableton Live 7 software.

- Avril Lavigne debuts clothing line. "It's like a 5th grade with a head injury and a mad crush on Captain Jack Sparrow got hopped up on Chocolate-Frosted Sugar Bombs and ran amok in a Hot Topic clearance bin." Public School Intelligentsia should go into wine-tasting.

- Parts of Microsoft's "I'm a PC" campaign are being produced on Macs. Way to go in the transparency era, CP+B!

by Angela Natividad    Sep-21-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Agencies, Brands, Campaigns, Cause, Good, Online, Worst   

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Leave Avril alone - I don't understand people like you who can't keep their worthless opinions to themselves about people they have never met.

Posted by: Michael on September 22, 2008 4:11 AM


Posted by: Chris Crocker on September 22, 2008 6:07 PM