'No Stank You' Reminds You: Smoking is So. Not. Trendy.


WONGDOODY brings retro effects and electonica beats to No Stank You, a fervently trendy effort to keep teens in Washington from smoking.

A dance-off sets the stage for the first spot. Each team consists of a person and a disembodied set of lungs. One set's healthy; the other looks like the tattered black pieces of a deflated life vest.

The teams face off on a technicolor platform reminiscent of Jay-Z's Sunshine music video. It's not a memory I wanted to relive, but oh, here I am, reliving it. (Not sure if you guessed, but the healthy-lungs team wins the dance-off.)

In "Xylophone," kids bounce on top of a giant set of teeth. Each stomp plays a note as the teeth grow yellower and more decayed. Fun.

Enthused? You should be. Support this battle against vice with a free hipster tee -- one of those faded numbers in violet, canary yellow or sea green that you can wear over some as-yet-unwashed G-Star skinny jeans. If you're extra-good, your likeness could also be used in the next commercial, provided that -- "Yo!" -- you turn in a release form.

by Angela Natividad    Sep-29-08   Click to Comment   
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