If Fiesta Means Love, then What's a Tesla Roadster?


I oscillate between being impressed and appalled by the juxtaposition of human tango and car (?) tango in this promo for Ford Fiesta.

"Tango at the Tower" isn't just a random spot; it's footage from a Tower of London event featuring Jodie Kidd and Ian Waite (Strictly Come Dancing), the key dancers in the video, as well as a handful of other celebs: Andrew Castle, Suzanne Shaw, Liz McClarnon, Mark Ramprakash.

All of them came to help launch the Ford Fiesta in the UK. Fiesta has this cheesy love theme going on, so Cake Group thought it would be apt to incorporate the "dance of love" in the fun and frolic.

Even if I were there, I can't conceive of any way to make the halting and rearing movement of two Fiestas (whose name, by the way, brings paper confetti to mind) look graceful and emotionally-charged. Seeing the cars move in sync was kinda neat, though.

See another odd-but-palatable Fiesta spot. It's called "This is Now" and features flat screen TVs sneaking out of their houses to meld in some kind of abstract audiovisual street dance, out of which the Fiesta is born. By Ogilvy/London.

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