Twitter vs. Yammer, STD E-Cards, Mac/PC Face-Off, Meghan McDreamy


- Marvel's soliciting the YouTube community for the best comic-inspired costumes. Get dressed, flip your camera on and keep your videos down to a minute. Beyond licensing an entire suite of heroes and villains to Hollywood, I guess that's one way to stay relevant.

- Got VD? The decent thing to do would be to tell everybody you slept with, so they can check if they have it too. But don't sweat it too much; this is the digital age! Send those hutches an e-card. (Thanks Adrants reader Candace.)

- Not quite The West Side Story, but it's Macs and PCs, so almost the same thing.

- Speaking of PCs, what's a rival to do when Apple wows the crowd with those sassy new Nanos? Why, zodiac-themed Zunes! Of course!

- And before we get completely off the topic of vying companies, read up on the epic battle between Twitter and Yammer. (Thanks Adrants reader Atif!)

- French President Nicolas Sarkozy is all pissy-pissy because some ingrate with a sense of humour launched voodoo dolls in his likeness. Lighten up, champ. It's the American way.

- Meghan McCain makes the blogosphere cream itself. Maybe she should've been tapped for Veep.

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