'Heavy-Handed Wife... I'm Dumping You!'


"You've carried my manhood for too long."

Brentter drew our roving gaze to this amusing ad about the fictional Akira, who runs Tokyo's go-to break-up service: No Sad Big Smile.

Experience a uniquely eventful day in the life -- then, after laughing (or at least smirking) your ass off, hit up NoSadBigSmile.com to check out the Adidas Originals Safety Collection. (Not clear on the logic behind the label ... unless the shirt dude's wearing is bullet-proof.)

Fresh fare by TBWA\London and production company Taiyokikau. Diggin' the song? That's because it's gorgeosity. It's Perro Amor Explota by Bersuit Vergarabat.

by Angela Natividad    Dec- 4-08   Click to Comment   
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That was really good, satisfying somehow. The Latin music in the background worked great, too.

Posted by: Michelle McCormack on December 5, 2008 1:43 AM

Are you kidding me. This actually exists, try BreakUpService.com. I read about them in the Boston Globe!

Posted by: John Eps on December 8, 2008 11:49 PM