Not to Be Rude, But This Cupcake Tastes Suspiciously Like a Wi-Fi Hotspot


After setting up its first-ever 4G wireless broadband network in Portland, Clearwire tapped Secret Weapon Marketing to promote its merits: better internet speeds, broader coverage.

The result was a series of irreverent prints -- and "Sprinkles," a TV ad that compares wireless coverage to cupcake sprinkles. (Rivals are represented by a stingy sprinkling; meanwhile, Clearwire's coverage deluges the bakery with diabetes-inducing hail.)

"Welcome to the future," the narrator says smugly.

Here's the outdoor work. Somewhat surrealist in nature (possibly inspired by Magritte...?), you can expect to find them slathered all over Portland:

o This is not a bathroom stall. It's another place to get super fast mobile internet.
o This is not a bench.
o This is not a gas station.
o This is not a highway.
o This is not a parking lot.

Worth noting (I guess): Secret Weapon Marketing was founded by Dick Sittig, the CD responsible for the Energizer Bunny and the Jack campaign for Jack in the Box. (See Jack take the King, gangsta-style.)

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Ha:) I'm imagining the creative brainstorm this resulted from. One guy in the room's eating a cupcake, another guy is crazy about this Bravia ad and after four hours of intense ideation, an eager AE connects the dots.

Posted by: Amanda Mooney on January 7, 2009 4:21 PM