Mastercard Trots Priceless 'Icons' Back onto the Stage


"Icons," a McCann-Erickson/NY spot that aired during the '05 Super Bowl, is a fond standby of Mastercard's "Priceless" campaign.

Prep for serious warm-fuzzy syndrome: it's composed of brand mascots -- Count Chocula, the Vlasic stork, Jolly Green Giant, Pillsbury Doughboy -- having Soul Food-style dinner as Mr. Clean slaves merrily over the sink. Some of the icons weren't even animated for TV prior to this. (Thank Calabash for bringing them to life.)

Too much good stuff. There's even some illicit Facebooky pokeage between Doughboy and Morton Salt girl. Scandale!

Anywho, the ad's being re-aired. It's a total cash-saving tactic, but it's refreshing to see these old faces again -- especially now that people are racing back to values they mistakenly believe once sustained them. (Nostalgia's no permanent salve, but I feel past-due for a revisit with crinkle-eyed mascots that weren't constantly trying to swat me with the hipster stick.)

Brace yourself: this is the first of a handful of "Priceless" pieces slated to be regroomed and recirculated.

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I love this ad! I think it is memorable and also creates some buzz. In one of my classes my teacher even showed it to us and we talked about how the commercial is easy to relate to and that it creates buzz because people want to look up brands they don't recognize. I had no idea that it was created in 2005 and used before.
I think it is fine for companies to recycle effective ads, as long as they're still consistent with the companies image and goals, and if the ad was welcomed well by consumers. In fact, with the economy the way it is today, it seems like a great idea. The company can save money, and if consumers recognize the ad, it can send a message that they're conscious of the economic situation. Also, as long as it has been long enough for consumers to forget about the ad.
Another thing I like about this ad is that it is easily recognized as a Master Card ad, because their ads follow a consistent format, and use the same recognizable voice.

Posted by: Caylin Kusmin on April 21, 2009 9:24 PM