Traditional Marriage's New Poster Girl, Hipsters Destroy World, Learning Tolerance from Tellers


- One of those things we would've been happy to never, ever have to see.

- AdPulp and Jeff Tachis riff on David Armano's riff on the future of advertising.

- Google and goats.

- Girl spoof on Pepsi Max "I'm Good" spot.

- Russian inet firms + football clubs = 4eva.

- Banco Provincia of Argentina explores tolerance.

- Miss California anti-gay marriage ad. Here we go.

- Hipsters take the fall for everything wrong with our society. Not that we disagree. Or anything.

- iPhone pee test...

- Nipple.

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That Pepsi spoof is hysterical!!

Posted by: Jessica on May 2, 2009 11:58 AM