Mini Markets to Vampires for True Blood's Season 2


@AskACopywriter managed to catch the phone booth ad at left, fruit of a liaison between BMW's Mini Cooper and -- oddly enough -- HBO's True Blood.

You may have noted that, in July of last year, True Blood orchestrated this pretty cool YouTube effort where vampires worldwide apparently produced their own amateur videos and tried demanding suffrage from the narrow-minded living.

This Mini partnership is another way to work that "vampires among us" angle: Mini is among a handful of brands that will be targeting their campaigns to vampires through June 14th, the start of Season 2.

Other taglines include "Feel the wind in your fangs" and "The TrueBlood Mini Convertible. Exclusively for Vampires." (Ideally not in the day though, unless they're down to spread their own ashes on the highway.)

Other campaign components, subsites and the like are detailed on MediaPost.

by Angela Natividad    Jun- 9-09   Click to Comment   
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What a great strategy! It's as though vampires actually exist and advertisers are targeting them like a real demographic.

Wonder where they got that idea from?

Posted by: Floyd on June 10, 2009 10:21 AM