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Future of Publishing Show to Debut Live on Adrants


VigLink CEO Oliver Roup and blogger/online marketing consultant Murray Newlands are kicking off a new online TV show, Future of Publishing, today at 12 noon PST. The hour-long show will include a series of interviews of today's sharpest publishing and marketing minds. This week, Newlands and Roup interview the following experts:

  • Pirouz Nilforoush, President & Co-Founder NetShelter,
  • Yulia Smirnova, SEO Manager of HubPages
  • Paul Edmondson, CEO of HubPages
The show will air live from San Francisco right here at 12 noon PST (3PM EST).

This week Playkast is having a contest on the Future of Publishing page. After the show, viewers will be able to answer a series of questions, the answers to which can be gleaned from watching the show. Viewers who score well will be entered into a random drawing to win an Amazon Kindle.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-31-12    
Topic: Video

Brand Bowl Once Again to Rank Super Bowl Ads


Mullen, Boston.com and Salesforce Radian6 are out with this year's Brand Bowl. The Brand Bowl will capture Super Bowl commentary live on Twitter and rank brands based on volume of chatter and sentiment.

Last year, over 300,000 Tweets were counted to determine the winner of Brand Bowl 2011. Chrysler finished number one and Cars.com finished at the bottom in last year's rankings.

New features for this year's Brand Bowl include:

- "Head-to-head" statistical breakdowns between brands
- A "featured tweet" section that highlights funny and insightful tweets from participants
- Geolocation and gender specific data about tweets
- A streamlined Brand Bowl mobile experience so users can more easily see the live rankings and Tweet their votes

So if you've got something to say about a brand in the game, tag your tweet with #brandbowl

by Steve Hall    Jan-31-12    
Topic: Super Bowl 2012

Melanie Amaro to Bring Jiggle Factor to Super Bowl


And it goes on...and on...and on...and one. The parade of previews, teasers and behind the scenes videos leading up to Super Bowl Sunday where all will be unleashed. Except, of course, for Melanie Amaro's boobs. Big as they are, they will not be unleashed for all to see unlike those of Janet Jackson who's "wardrobe malfunction" which led to Nipplegate. But they will jiggle impressively from within the confines of her period piece wardrobe.

Oh yea. Elton John is in the commercial too. Wait, what commercial where we talking about? Oh, we weren't. Sorry, almost forget. Pepsi.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-31-12    
Topic: Celebrity, Super Bowl 2012

Red Headed Hottie Teases Century 21 Super Bowls Ads


This is one for Who Is That Hot Ad Girl. Like every other brand, Century 21 is out with a selection of teasers for its Super Bowl ad. Fronting the teasers is a lovely red headed woman in a conservative business suit. Hey, what'd you expect? This is a real estate brand, not a beer brand that has no problem strapping a bevy of beauties into barely there thongs and throwing them into a pit of mud.

The teasers will air during pre-game activity and feature Donald Trump, Dion Sanders and Apolo Ohno. Check them out below.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-31-12    
Topic: Super Bowl 2012

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Shark Jumped: Shit Ad Agencies Say


New York-based Bold Worldwide is likely to be the last entity to get in on the Shit People Say meme. Having actually worked in this business, we can say the shit that gets said in this Shit Ad Agencies Say is pretty close to the actual shit ad agency types say.

AgencySpy gets a mention but apparently Bold Worldwide hasn't heard of Adrants. Plus one to you, Kiran!

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by Steve Hall    Jan-31-12    
Topic: Agencies

Coke Guy Wins Pepsi MAX For Life, Regis Philbin Awards


Yawn. Acme Beverage just announced it will debut a new commercial during the Super Bowl and, shocker, has released it before the game! Yes, people, a brand is doing the unthinkable; allowing us to see their commercial before it airs on television. We know. It's hard to believe but it's true.

OK so it's not Acme Beverage and it isn't all that shocking for a brand to release its ad prior to the game. But something inside us just wants to be surprised and wowed during the game. That can't really happen if we've seen everything already.

TBWA has released its new Cola Wars work for Pepsi MAX which has the Coke guy trying to buy some Pepsi Max with out getting noticed. Sadly the Coke guy becomes very much noticed after becoming the grand prize winner of Pepsi MAX for Life. Hilarity ensues including an appearance by Regis Philbin...who we'll probably be seeing a lot of in commercials now since he has a lot of time on his hands.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-31-12    
Topic: Super Bowl 2012

Seinfeld Goes All Out For Acura NSX, Gets Foiled by Leno


So Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld collect cars. But would they really go to all the effort they do in this Acura NSX Super Bowl ad as they would in real life? We think not. Of course this isn't real life; this is the Super Bowl and in Super Bowl advertising you can pretty much do whatever the hell you want.

That said, the RPA-created commercial (which can be seen in long form below) is funny. It follows Seinfeld as he tries to obtain the first NSX. But he's car-blocked by some other guy who takes a lot of convincing to let Jerry have the car. Once he finally does convince the guy, Leno swoops in (literally) and nabs the vehicle for himself.

It'll get laughs. Though at this rate of Super Bowl commercial release, we aren't going to have much left to laugh at during the game.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-31-12    
Topic: Super Bowl 2012

Beckham is No Beer Babe But the Ladies Might Like Him


Hey we're supposed to want to ogle hot women wearing bikinis in Super Bowl ads but we imagine that might get quite boring for women after a while. So maybe they'll like this ad from H&M which slow pans David Beckham's briefs-clad body to hype the footballer's new line of underwear.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-31-12    
Topic: Celebrity, Commercials, Super Bowl 2012

It Wouldn't be a Super Bowl Without an Infographic


Hey everyone's doing it so why not a social media agency looking to get some ink around Super Bowl hype? Seattle-based social media agency Banyan Branch has put together this infographic examining the buzz leading up to this year's game. Data was collected between December 30 and January 29. Some highlights:

- Quarterbacks captured the majority of the conversation buzz - most of which was football related (though Tom Brady also has some conversation around his personal life mixed in)

- Tom Brady generated the most conversation and yielded more yards than Eli Manning

- Receivers for both teams also generated a fair amount of buzz primarily due to their own activity on the channel there was no correlation between the volume of Twitter traffic and statistical performance on the field

- People like to talk about the Giants, but the Patriot players individually get more attention, including the coaches

And there you have it. Now stop wasting time and get back to work.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-31-12    
Topic: Research, Super Bowl 2012

Honda Behind Matthew Broderick Super Bowl Teaser


Mirroring the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off, this long version of a RPA-created Honda CR-V commercial that will air during the Super Bowl follows Matthew Broderick throughout his day as he, like his character did in the movie, calls in sick and has a day of adventure.

The 2:20 video, directed by Todd Philips, has a couple dozen Easter egg references to the movie including a reference to Rooney's secretary Grace. See if you can count them all.

The video ties into Honda's ongoing "Leap List" campaign for the 2012 CR-V, which encourages people to do things they've always wanted to do before they make the next big leap in life.

A :10 teaser was released last week and all manner of speculation surrounded the shirt clip but Jalopnick got it right reporting late last week Honda was behind the tease.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-30-12    
Topic: Celebrity, Commercials, Super Bowl 2012

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