House Explodes With Audio-Visual Holiday Spectacular


This has absolutely nothing to do with advertising unless, of course, this person starts stringing lights for marketers (which he did). You have to marvel at the relentless dedication and months of preparation something like this requires.

This isn't just your average Holiday house lighting. It's a full blown light and audio spectacular. The music is Trans-Siberian Orchestra's "Wizards in Winter" and the lighting spectacular was created by Carson Williams, an electrical engineer for Cincinnati Bell Technology. Give it a watch. It's a classic. And a viral sensation.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-21-05    
Topic: Consumer Created

Gamer, ihaveanidea Launch Creative Competition

tiger_gaming.jpg has partnered with Imported Artists Film Co. to launch its third annual creative competition titled the TigerGaming Advertising Challenge. The competition, now to the general public and not just advertising students, will ask contestants to take a relatively new brand, TigerGaming, and make it famous by running the winning idea as a television spot produced by Imported Artists.

The contest promises over $40,000 in prizes. The Grand Prize winner gets their winning idea shot and produced by Imported Artists Film Company and $1000 cash. Second Prize winner(s) will get Apple's video iPod, while the Third Prize winner(s) will receive an iPod nano.

The judges will be representatives from, Imported Artists and ihaveanidea. To be eligible entries must be received on or before Friday February 24th 2006 to ihaveanidea. Winners will be announced on Friday March 10th 2006.

by Steve Hall    Nov-21-05    
Topic: Consumer Created, Games, Industry Events

Lugz Beats Crap Out of Eminem


While Apple and Lugz lawyers battle it out over whether Apple's agency TBWA\Chiat\Day copied a Lugz commercial for it's own Eminem commercial, good 'ol consumer generated media has taken the fight, appropriately, to the streets in another commercial which pits Eminem against the Lugz dude who gives Eminem a swift boot out of the frame to take back what was, apparently, rightfully his to begin with. If you ask us, Lugz should finance a campaign and run this thing.

by Steve Hall    Nov-15-05    
Topic: Consumer Created

iBelieve Celebrates iPod Obsession


Apple really does win the prize for undying brand love. Either that, or the religious freaks over at iBelieve have been converted to religion iPod and intend to convert all iPod owners to their cause. Actually, it's just for fun and the site says it's "inspired by the world's obsession and devotion to the iPod, iBelieve is a replacement lanyard for your Shuffle. It is a social commentary on the fastest growing religion in the world." To further this obsession, iBelieve is offering a lanyard for the iPod Nano that looks like a cross and sells for $12.95.

by Steve Hall    Nov-14-05    
Topic: Consumer Created

PS2 Images Quirky


We think these PS2 images/ads have been around before but because they are so dynamic, they're worth sharing again. They really do negate the need for words.

by Steve Hall    Nov-10-05    
Topic: Consumer Created, Strange

iPod Shuffle Gets Different Sort of Consumer-Created Love


Of course, it is conceivable that certain small, white electronic devices might be mistaken for those small, white pregnancy strips that covert pee into a yes or no answer, but this girl really needs to open her eyes.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 3-05    
Topic: Consumer Created

Revver Makes Consumer Generated Media Profitable


AdJab points to a consumer-generated media treasure trove called Revver. It's a site where anyone can submit self-created videos on any topic. Revver will host the video, insert a short ad at the end and share the proceeds, 50/50, with the video creator. The ad, called a RevTag, is embedded in the video so that viewership can be tracked whether the video is viewed on Revver or viewed as it wends its way from friend to friend via email attachment.

Apparently the site's quite popular as it's moving slower than a turtle pulling an 18 wheeler. We hope that's temporary. There's a lot of promise here as people begin to realize that all content doesn't have to come from big media companies and all ad revenue doesn't have to go to large corporate conglomerates.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 2-05    
Topic: Consumer Created, Opinion