Deck the Halls of Albuquerque with Bows of Billboard Messages


Who said consumer-generated media was dead? Not this holiday season. Esparza Adverting partnered with Clear Channel Outdoor to create DeckThe allows users to create their own personal holiday message that will be posted on 21 billboards all over the city of Albuquerque on December 25th.

Live in Albuquerque? Feeling creative? Head over to Deck the Billboard and whip up a piece of creativity.

by Steve Hall    Dec-17-10    
Topic: Consumer Created, Outdoor

Samsung Strong, Windows 7 Phone Weak


- Samsung memory cards are strong. Very very strong. Shock proof. Water proof. Magnet proof. And idiot proof.

- Texting and Driving Don't MiRobin Landa, Professor at Robert Busch School of Design and her publisher John Wiley & Sons are asking students throughout the country to create a 30 second video or ad to dissuade people from texting while driving.

- Here's a commercial for Anna Sui cosmetics. There's nothing all that special about it but there's nothing all that wrong with it either.

- A silent auction and cash bar will be held this Wednesday evening, September 29, at Highbar in New York City to benefit Samantha Tuttlebee, an independent sales rep and former staff rep at 89 Editorial and BlueRock who is in dire need of a heart transplant.

- Two new commercials (one, two) for Windows 7 Phone. Yawn.

by Steve Hall    Sep-28-10    
Topic: Cause, Consumer Created, Social, Video

2 Girls 1 Cup Makes Appearance in Domino's Ad


A just launched Dominoes campaign, For Real, includes clips from such famed videos including Chris Crocker's Leave Britney Alone, the elephant on the trampoline, car skating, the puking Swedish hostess and, yes, 2 Girls 1 Cup. (Don't worry. Not the gross part)

Not all of these videos are "official" of course as some are not on the Domino's YouTube channel nor anything the brand would approve. We suspect some YouTubers are just having a bit of fun with the campaign inserting whatever they choose into the commercials doughnut hole.

by Steve Hall    Sep-10-10    
Topic: Consumer Created, Video

Big Butts Still Worshiped. Just Not by Nike This Time


In 2005, Nike released a campaign which focused on the fact not all women are rail thin supermodels. Many have big butts and thunder thighs and, as Nike would have it, that's just fine.

Five years later, the campaign has resurfaced. Well, not really. But in this day and age of social media, we're bound to see a consumer-created version of just about every popular past campaign and this one was very popular when it broke.'s another.

Personally, we much prefer this form of booty.

by Steve Hall    Jul-26-10    
Topic: Consumer Created

Bored Banana Brand to Crowdsource Blue Sticker


How many ways can you market a banana? They're yellow! They come naturally packaged! They have potassium! They're great on cereal! And in ice cream sundaes! They have a blue sticker on them! Um, what? Yea. You know the blue sticker that's on every Chiquita banana? Well, it's not going to be blue any more. No sir. It's going out for a consumer-generated makeover.

The brand has launched a contest whereby people can submit sticker designs. Eighteen winners will be chosen and their stickers will grace millions of bananas across the nation.

Chiquita Corporate Marketing Group Leader Judy ChenLeader said, "We created the Chiquita Banana Sticker Design Contest to encourage consumers to interact with the Chiquita brand and make the brand their own. It's a fun way for consumers to engage with the brand through self-expression."

It's not the only way to interact with a banana, Judy, but it'd be rude of us to tarnish this bit of fun with a predictably lame quip.

by Steve Hall    Jun-28-10    
Topic: Consumer Created

Transformers Transformed, Guy Slapped


- Want to ogle a Victoria's Secret hottie? You can do it here or wait until next summer for Transformers 3 to come out. Yes. Megan Fox is out and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is in.

- Like games? Like fast cars? Like insurance? The you might like this new game from Koko for insurance company Adrian Flux. Don't ask. We didn't.

- This has nothing to do with advertising but it does have sexy amazonian women in it.

- Still on his mission to keep Lebron James in Cleveland, Brandon George went out and got himself slapped by 23 girls. Some hot. Some not. Some big. Some not. First girl is out favorite for various reasons. But it doesn't matter. You gotta love the guy's spirit.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 2-10    
Topic: Celebrity, Consumer Created, Games, Social

GoDaddy Gives us More to Ogle


More GoDaddy (one, two). Not much to say. Bimbo. Bikini. Breasts. Objectification. Wandering camera.

Oh wait. Those aren't GoDaddy commercials. OK, well, they sort of are. They're submitted videos that are part of the brand's video contest.

No need to watch them all though. We've watched a few and collected the best screen shots for your enjoyment here, here (hot), here (hotter), here (bootylicious), here (delicious), here (tantalizing), here (for the pleated plaid skirt lover) and here (for the boob lover).

by Steve Hall    Apr-26-10    
Topic: Brands, Consumer Created, Racy, Video

Creator of Doritos Viralocity Submission Burns With Freakish Oddity


There's nothing super outstanding about this Canadian Doritos Viralocity submission from Aleysa Young in which various people get all hot and sweaty from eating Doritos Hot Stuff. But there's something especially disconcerting about her Facebook profile picture which was sent to us along with her submission.

Personally, we like this one much better. Except for the end. Yea. Just skip over that part.

by Steve Hall    Mar-25-10    
Topic: Consumer Created, Strange

Carlsberg Beer Wants Your England Team Talk


Lee Washington sent us this OMD-created campaign for Carlsberg Beer. Hinging the campaign on the World Cup (that would be soccer for us Americans), the agency has created England Team Talk, an online video competition which asks people to show their support for the Three Lions.

Prizes include meting the players and appearing in the brand's next commercial. Here's the promotional video and here's one of the entrants the agency thinks has a good chance of winning. Not that she's talented or anything.

by Steve Hall    Mar- 3-10    
Topic: Consumer Created, Social, Video

Public Invited to Improve GoDaddy Advertising


While we are loathe to give GoDaddy any more publicity than it's already achieved, our dedication to journalistic principles outweighs our knee jerk reaction to click delete on this one. As if maximizing to death the whole banned commercial thing weren't enough, GoDaddy is now stealing a move from the Doritos playbook with the launch of a social media-fueled consumer-generated commercial contest.

First place will net the winner $100,000 with second and third bringing in $50,000 and $25,000 respectively. Hmm. Seems like Bob Parsons is willing to part with more money than he did to produce his Super Bowl commercials.

Parsons and GoDaddy Girl Danica Patrick will choose the winners. OK, everyone, click here to enter. And please. Do the industry justice and give us something better than Bob has given us over the years

by Steve Hall    Feb-22-10    
Topic: Celebrity, Consumer Created, Promotions