Forget Preachy PSAs, Agency Discovers How to Actually Stop Drunk Driving


PSA campaigns have traditionally relied upon scare tactics to make their point. But for many young people who feel they are invincible, this approach rarely works. So how do you get young people to listen -- and in the case of Don't Drink and Drive efforts -- actually insure people do not drive drunk? You literally stop them. As in, like literally.

And that's exactly what Publicis Brussels did for Belgium-based Responsible Young Drivers. On the weekend of of its 22nd anniversary at Belgium's most famous nightclub, Carre, the agency worked with B Park engineers to create a parking lot gate that would only open if a car's driver passed a breathalizer test.

While this was a one-off event and 90% of club goers were sober enough to leave the parking lot, the organization plans to roll this effort out across other venues in the future. Hmm, pretty soon there will be a healthy business for pop up hotels around nightclubs.

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by Steve Hall    May-22-13    
Topic: Cause

NakedWines Does Dollar Shave Club


Following in Dollar Shave Club's footsteps, online wine retailer NakedWInes is out with a video that touts the retailer's frugal methods of operation which allow for offering the consumer better wine at cheaper prices.

It's like a Genie came right out of the bottle.

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by Steve Hall    May-22-13    
Topic: Video

Twitter Launches 'Lead Generation Card,' Brings Landing Page to Stream


Today, Twitter has added the Lead Generation Card to its stable of Twitter Cards, a format that brings a rich media experience to the stream. The Lead Generation Card allows for the creation of an in-stream landing page on which the user, with one click and without having to leave Twitter, can request more information from the marketer.

When the user clicks, their name, email and Twitter handle are sent to the marketer who can then add that information into their marketing automation process for further nurturing.

The Lead Generation Card reveals itself in an expanded Tweet where the marketer can provide an image, text and call-to-action that exceed the usual 140 character limit. Any tweet can contain a Lead Generation Card and it can also be turned into a promoted tweet.

The offering is currently being tested with a few brands including New Relic (@newrelic), Full Sail (@fullsail) and Priceline (@priceline). The offering will first roll out to Twitter's managed clients and then to its self serve ad platform.

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by Steve Hall    May-22-13    
Topic: Social

The Martin Agency Unleashes Wittiest Geico Ad Ever


Today, it's all about the hump. No, not that hump. Hump Day. As in Wednesday. Created by The Martin Agency -- on Hump Day -- and featuring a witty camel (you see where this is going now?), the ad is part of the brand's Happier Than campaign.

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by Steve Hall    May-22-13    
Topic: Commercials

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Is Samsung's 'Evolutionary Husband' Ad Sexist?


In an effort to tout Samsung's new Evolution Kit, some kind of device that makes your tired, old TV awesome and new, the brand has dipped its toe into the anti-objectification of women waters with Evolutionary Husband.

In the ad, a wife, tired of her slovenly husband's burping, farting, Neanderthal ways, plugs the Samsung Evolution Kit into his back and, poof, he instantly becomes...a stereotypically 1950's housewife who effortlessly cooks, cleans, babysits and generally serves his wife's every need...much like the stereotypical 1950's housewife did for her husband.

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by Steve Hall    May-22-13    
Topic: Opinion

Drunk Girl Pukes Up Father in Disgusting PSA


It's sort of expected drug-related PSAs will shock, disgust and make you squirm. After all, it's the whole scared straight thing, right? Here's one from Bungalow25 for the Spanish Foundation Against Drug Addiction that aims to prevent alcohol abuse among Spanish youths.

In the ad, a girl begins to puke on the sidewalk. Then she REALLY begins to puke. And then the commercial turns into an Alien movie. And finally, the ad closes with "Every time you get drunk you separate yourself from the things that matter most."

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by Steve Hall    May-22-13    
Topic: Cause

Nutella Retracts Brain Fart, Drops Cease & Desist, Life Goes On


Yesterday, the marketing world was up in arms over Nutella sending a cease and desist to the brand's biggest fan, Sara Rosso. Seven years ago, Rosso created World Nutella Day which now has 40,000 followers on Facebook. Nutella claimed the page was an unauthorized use of their intellectual property and trademarks.

Oh how quickly the tide turns for brands when they realize lawyers are clueless and consumers run the show. Following the kerfuffle, Nutella has dropped its cease and desist order and issued an apologetic statement to Italian news site Corriere della Sera which the Huffington Post translated:

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by Steve Hall    May-22-13    
Topic: Brands, Policy

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