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Content Marketing Costs 62% Less Than Traditional Marketing


Content marketing is all the rage these days, right? It's the shiny new object everyone thinks is the bomb yet the practice has been around for decades in various different iterations. Well we aren't going to quibble over the fact most every "new thing" in marketing is simply a re-invention of something else. Nope, we're just going to hop right on the bandwagon with the rest of the lemmings and hype this thing until the next shiny new object appears.

So content marketing. Demand Metric has put together a fact-filled infographic with information from multiple sources on how content marketing has shaped up over the course of its short life.

Currently 90% of organizations market with content and spend 25% or their marketing budget to do so. Seventy eight percent of CMOs see content marketing as the wave of the future. While 91% of B2B companies and 86% of B2C marketers engage in content marketing, 62% outsource their content marketing to others.

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by Steve Hall    May-16-13    
Topic: Research

Holland Tells America What's Really Cool


The Dutch government, with help from Mustache, has launched Holland. The Original Cool. It's a 3-year joint effort sponsored by the Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions, KLM Airlines, Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam Marketing and aims to increase tourism from America.

Informing America Holland isn't just flowers and windmills, a two minute video touts some of the things AMericans give fancy names to but are simply a way of life in Holland. It sure looks inviting to us.

Currently, the video sits in the number two spot on Reddit's video page.

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by Steve Hall    May-15-13    
Topic: Campaigns

Now You Can Have Sex Bareback...With A Condom!


Riffing off the term "bareback" which, of course, means going condomless during sex, Marcus Thomas is out with a campaign for the Okamoto Zero Zero Four condom.

Visualizing the fact the condom is just 0.04 MM thick, the agency has placed a translucent saddle on the back of a horse

by Steve Hall    May-15-13    
Topic: Racy

Infographic Explores How Organizations Structure Social Media Teams


Web application and design company Go-Gulf has created an infographic which summarizes data from Ragan Communications on how organizations structure their social media teams. Sadly, it seems, social media is not yet seen as an integral component of an organization with 65% of companies reporting social media tasks being performed on top of current job responsibilities and 25% rely on interns to help with aspects of social media.

While 22% of companies plan to hire staff to handle social media, 78% do not. And of those companies that are hiring, 47% prefer 1-3 years of experience. As many companies haven't yet fully embraced social media and those that have do not appear to be giving much priority to it, it's not surprising just 5% of companies report being highly satisfied with their social media efforts.

In terms of social media success metrics, 86% of companies still measure ROI based on followers and likes. More encouraging, 40% base success on new leads and 31% attribute success based on sales.

Check out the infographic below for more details on how organizations are structuring social media teams

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by Steve Hall    May-15-13    
Topic: Research, Social

SLO Down Wines Go Great With Equestrian S&M


Turning the refined winemaking industry on it's head -- no, slapping it upside the head and yanking it kicking and screaming from its elitest snobbery -- SLO Down wines is out with a pair of decidedly less-than-elitest wine commercials.

Aiming for the supposedly less elitest 99%, the winemaker shows no shame in associating itself with those who enjoy S&M and threesomes.

And just begging for some of the oddest tweets, the brand has hashtagged the ads #GoesGreatWith insuring all manner of tom foolery to occur.

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by Steve Hall    May-15-13    
Topic: Racy

Former NFL Defensive Tackle Tackles Bladder Leakage


Former NFL football player Tony Siragusa is fronting a new Depends campaign entitled Guard Your Manhood. The campaign aims to serve the needs of 23 million men who suffer from bladder leakage. The campaign, which takes the whole man-cave approach to things -- just to be absolutely sure no man feels like a wuss for having this condition -- introduces a line of Depends designed specifically for men.

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by Steve Hall    May-15-13    
Topic: Celebrity

Campaign Skewers Abercrombie & Fitch, Urges Donation of Clothing to Homeless


As you may have hard, Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries doesn't like un-cool, un-popular and, based upon the sizes they carry (or don't carry), people with larger frames. Well, at least women with larger frames as the store does not carry XL or XXL sizes or pants over size 10. Reportedly, the brand evens burns damaged clothing rather than donating it to charity.

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by Steve Hall    May-15-13    
Topic: Social

Getty's '85 Seconds' Does For Video What 'Love to Bingo' Did For Images


As a follow up to its beautiful From Love to Bingo which told a story of love in 873 pictures (and has received over 2.6 million views to date), Getty Images is out with 85 Seconds, a video that uses 105 video clips to tell an equally emotional love story.

The video, which tells the story of couple who meet as children, separate after graduation and then reunite as adults, touts the fact Getty has 63,113,983 seconds of video on hand for marketers

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by Steve Hall    May-14-13    
Topic: Video

This Really, Really, Really Bad Ad Wants to 'Go Viral'


We get all sorts of work sent to us here at Adrants from companies looking to get some viral juice. Our army of ridiculously stacked, pleated-plaid miniskirt-wearing interns cull through thousands of submissions every day in search of something that might interest you or serve as a shining example of what the marketing industry is capable of.

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by Steve Hall    May-14-13    
Topic: Viral

'Beardvertising" The Truest Form of Native Advertising


If you've been reading Adrants for any length of time, you've been treated to the various forms of "vertising" that have popped up over the years. It all began with ass-vertising back in 2004 and progressed from there to bra-vertising, yawn-vertising, head-vertising, dog-vertising, forehead advertising, blog-vertising, blood-vertising, adverblogging, invertising, advergaming, chip-vertising, thong-vertising, replace-vertising, bus-vertising, police car advertising and adver-wear.

Now, thanks to Cornett-IMS, we have beard-vertising, a truly native form of advertising. Acknowledging the fact that 55 percent of men the world over have facial hair, the marketing firm views this "untapped advertising real estate" as "the next big trend in advertising.

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by Steve Hall    May-14-13    
Topic: Human

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