Google Runs the Universe, But You Knew That


Top brands for this year? Millward Brown's top BrandZ of 2009 has Google at number one--and Marlboro at number 10. Talk about branding! (Via.)

by Bill Green    Aug-10-09    
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1-800 Flowers Intern Wins Killed Ideas Book


Remember that contest we held last week? Of course you don't so we'll tell you about it again. Those who correctly guessed the color of the bikini the girl sleeping on the couch at Cannes had on (green), would be entered into a drawing to win a copy of Killed Ideas, a blurb-produced book highlighting fifty ideas that were never produced.

Now that you're all up to speed, we're pleased to announce Ryan Kiernan, a brand communications intern at 1-800 Flowers won the drawing. We;ll be sending him a copy of Killed Ideas soon

by Steve Hall    Jul- 2-09    
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Adrants Debuts Comment System That Actually Works


Sadly, we don't get a lot of comments here on Adrants. We hope that's because the commenting system is so terrible none of you want to bother (and not because nothing here is comment-worthy). But with the debut (finally!) of a new commenting system, we hope that changes and you'll all go comment crazy on us.

The new system comes from Disqus. It's threaded. It's hooked up to Facebook Connect. It'll tweet your comment. You can rate comments. If you mention an Adrants article on Twitter, Facebook, Digg, YouTube or on your blog, a link to that mention will appear under the article here on Adrants. It's commenting on social media steroids.

So if you've really wanted to voice your opinion in the past but haven't because you're sick of clicking "post" and waiting three hours for your comment to appear, please give commenting a try again. We think you will be pleased.

And if you're can always leave a comment to that effect.

by Steve Hall    Jun-18-09    
Topic: Announcements

Werther's Party Line.

"Hey Steve, what's up. Nah, just wanted to give you a heads-up on where I'm at before you guys get back. Trying to finish up a Werther's Caramel House Party thing. No, yeah, the grandfather chocolate people. From like the 80s, yeah. They're doing some kind of house party chocolate women thing this Saturday. No, just like housewives and shit for a girls' night in, but yeah, strippers and hot caramel takes it places too. Huh? About 15,000 people signed up so far.

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by Bill Green    Apr-24-09    
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In response to KFC's free Chicken Monday, Southern California-based El Pollo Loco is going them one better by inviting people to try their food free on Tuesday April 28th until 8:00 pm. FREE IS THE NEW...! See all the gory details here.

*waits for Burger King to announce counter-gueril... er, chicken stunt*

by Bill Green    Apr-24-09    
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Stephen Cowbert's Product Placement.

Let's just call it what it is: Product placement. Branded entertainment? Documercials? Infotainment? Whatever. It's still product placement, just handled a little more deftly these days, (but not always). Last night, Colbert does his usual straight act on steroids routine and plugged away as Heifer International West African program director Elizabeth Bintliff took it in stride. Can't find fault with it though because it's for a good cause. Heifer is the latest to get some brand love outside of a commercial, even though they've been around since 1944.

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by Bill Green    Apr-24-09    
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Always Have Your Hockey Dance Ready.

Just because Adrants is Boston-based, doesn't mean we're rubbing it in or anything. But why not celebrate today with a little old time hockey dance and our new favorite character, yah! If you're a Canadiens fan, you can't bear to watch though. GET IT? Funny, eh! Post-jump bear freaks.

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by Bill Green    Apr-23-09    

Beards, Not Bears.

Bears not your thing? Try growing one for the team. If, your team is the Boston Bruins. Sorry Ranger fans. More info on this Cenergy work at and in the clip below.

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by Bill Green    Apr-22-09    

Tribeca Film Festival Celebrates NYC with Gabardine Flashers.

Give him a break ladies, it's cold out. To promote the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival, Ogilvy came up with this spot showing the fun you can have with the locals in NYC. This year's festival opens on Wednesday April 22 and runs through Sunday May 3, 2009. Say hi to Bobby if you see him.
by Bill Green    Apr-21-09    
Topic: Announcements

In An Absolute World, Earth Wouldn't Need Help From Absolute.

Please, this Earth Day, be kind to the planet, and please, when viewing this short, be kind. SNL's Michaela Watkins plays a low budget Mother Nature in the fight between man and, um, nature.
by Bill Green    Apr-21-09    
Topic: Announcements, Specialty

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