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Study: Copy and Paste Represents 82% of Online Content Sharing


A recent study conducted by content sharing company Tynt found copy and paste comprises 82 percent of all content sharing, 4.5x more than share buttons. Among other findings, the data revealed copy and paste is the most prevalent method by which users share text, images, and URLs across the web.

Of course it should be noted Tynt is a company that "enables premium publishers and content creators to capitalize on the most common sharing method on the web: copy and paste."

by Steve Hall    Nov-16-12    
Topic: Research

Applebee's Employs Flair Bartending Champion to Tout Spirited Cuisine


In an effort to illustrate just how much flair goes into the creation of its new Spirited Cuisine dishes that are made with whiskey, wine and beer, Applebee's hooked up with 19 time flair bartending championChristian Delpech.

In the ad, created by Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Delpech performs all manner of acrobatic cooking wizardry flipping bottles, utensils and ingredients while a voiceover reminds us it's really cooking skills rather than bartender flair that goes into making Applebee's dishes delicious.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-16-12    
Topic: Commercials

Gap Celebrates True Love in Holiday Campaign


With a campaign that touches upon the various forms of love and diverse family life, Gap is out with work that features Michael J, Fox and Tracy Pollan, musician Rufus Wainright and artist Jorn Weisbrodt, rapper Nas and his dad, the Atomics, Gia Coppola and Nathalie Love and others.

Created by Minneapolis-based Peterson Mills Hooks, the work aims to tout the brand's "love comes in every shade" campaign. The colorful and upbeat delivery is decidedly more low key and less in your face than, perhaps, Bennetton might approach the topic but that's Gap; non-controversial clothing for everyone.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-16-12    
Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Celebrity

GoDaddy Makes Pizza Slob Frank Sexy


GoDaddy is continuing it "sexy but not sexy" approach to advertising. The brand changed direction earlier this year when it selected Deutsch to focus on the more serious nature of GoDaddy's business. It did. But not without leaving behind the one thing always present in every GoDaddy ad since the famed Candice Michelle courtroom wardrobe malfunction: scantily-dressed hot chicks.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-15-12    
Topic: Racy

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Ben & Jerry's Celebrates Ice Cream Euphoria With Instagram Stunt


Ben & Jerry's, with help from Silver + Partners (formerly Amalgamated), has launched Capture Euphoria, a program whereby Instagram photos that best represent ice cream-based euphoria with hashtag #captureeuphoria are selected to be featured in ads that will appear in the photo taker's home town. Ads will take the form of print ads in a local paper or magazine, a bus shelter or a billboard.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-15-12    
Topic: Social

Drag Race Decides Guitar Solo Versus Drum Solo Debate


Remember back in the day when advertising was just advertising? Everyone understood it. Everyone put up with it. And no one had ever heard of RTB, SEM, DSP, CTR or any of the other mind-numbing terms we have come up with to describe what we do.

When TV ads ruled the airwaves and spokespeople just told us what to buy? It was a much simpler time. But we don't create TV ads any more. We create "brand experiences" and viral videos that pit guitar solos against drum solos. Wait, what?

Yup. Now to sell iced coffee, we drag race to determine whether the guitar solo or the drum solo is king of rock. And somehow that sells coffee. Whatever.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-14-12    
Topic: Video

Click Candace Swanepoel to Buy Juicy Couture


Apart from the fact it never gets tired watching Candice Swanepoel frolic about in a bikini, this Juicy Couture video employs YouTube's new click to shop technology. A frame surrounds an object in the video and when viewers click that frame, they are taken directly to a page on the brand's site where they can purchase the item.

Go Terry!

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by Steve Hall    Nov-14-12    
Topic: Video

Israel Fights Violence With Bloody PSA


It would seem asking a person to stop making noise, to move a car or to put out a cigarette is cause for violence in Israel. Otherwise, why would there be a non-violence campaign addressing these scenarios? Of course, there's violence all over the world and for much smaller offenses. Hell, you can get your head cracked open just for looking at a person the wrong way.

It's sad we need campaigns like this in the first place. It's even sadder we have to risk violence just for asking a person to do what they should be doing in the first place.

Created by Y&R Israel, the campaign is for the ministry of public security.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-14-12    
Topic: Cause

University of Phoenix Aims to Solve America's Job Problem


In its latest campaign to corral as many applicants as possible, University of Phoenix, with help from Arnold Worldwide, is out with a new campaign that says there isn't a shortage of jobs. There's just a shortage of qualified applicants. And the university is out to fix that with a new curriculum and partnerships with corporations that will enable to school to fine tune the education od students to meet the fast and ever changing needs of todays employers..

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by Steve Hall    Nov-14-12    
Topic: Campaigns

Go Daddy, Century 21 Gear Up For Super Bowl


- Fear not, Danica Patrick fans, CEO Bob Parsons has announced Patrick will be in both of Go Daddy's two thirty-second Super Bowl ads next year.

- And speaking of the Super Bowl, Century 21 will appear in this year's broadcast following its inaugural appearance last year with Donald Trump, Apolo Anton Ohno and Deion Sanders. The brand will sponsor pre-game and have a :30 in the third quarter.

- GE's Juice Train delivered 500,000 gallons of orange juice from Florida to New Jersey in 156 seconds.

- Former host of Travel Channel's No Reservations Anthony Bourdain is none too pleased the network seemingly used his likeness in a Cadillac product integration ad without his permissions.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-13-12    
Topic: Super Bowl 2013

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