Batman And Symantec Get Secure


Somehow attempting to relate Internet security with Batman, Symantec has struck a tie-in deal with the producers of the upcoming Batman movie. Perhaps there's a plot tie in but, for us, we agree with flickr user Jagger, Batman was always more about kicking freaked out uber-criminal ass. I mean it's not like Norton Utilities or Symantec AntiVirus really comes to mind here.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 3-05    
Topic: Promotions

MindShare Works Hard For Your Money


This is just cheesy enough to be great. Mindshare Amsterdam has created an in-office video set to the tune of the 1983 Donna Summer hit We Work Hard For Your Money. With lyrics like "planning various strategies, buying loads of GRPs, "Group M is the name. Buying power is our game," "We work hard for your money, Reach people with your money. Build brands with your money so give us your money. your investment will return."

We have no idea how new or old this is but this lyric, "Our goal is to tell the products we tell. Bling bling is what we want," places it at least within the last few years or so.

UPDATE: According to mf in comments the video was created for the European MindShare-conference 'Fame & Money' in Barcelona last month.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 3-05    
Topic: Agencies

Radio Gets On Podcast Bandwagon

Even though 99 percent of Americans have no idea what a podcast is, thousands have sprung up and hundreds of companies are chasing them with open wallets. Rush Limbaugh has joined the movement and will make his radio broadcasts available as a podcast. Clear Channel will offer podcasts of certain programming as well.

In a unique move, San Francisco's KYCY-AM has become a station programmed completely by podcasts submitted by listeners. It's all the rage now but it isn't dot com insanity. With the explosive growth in usage of MP3 player (on which podcasts can play) and the increasing amount of citizen-generated programming, podcasting, in our opinion, will take off and become a viable medium providing both individuals and corporations to cash in.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 3-05    
Topic: Podcast

Paris to New York Undersea Train Hoax Revealed


While we knew the website that promoted an undersea train/subway from Paris to New York was a hoax all along, Adrants reader, Bruno points us to a story in LeJournalduNet which reveals the prankster to be a travel site called Apparently, a supporting campaign has been launched which, today, revealed the truth behind the hoax and includes online and transit elements.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 3-05    
Topic: Online, Outdoor, Viral

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Earthlink Promotes Protection With Super Heroes


Following the Superheroes theme, Crispin Porter + Bogusky has created a microsite, called Cyber Heroes, for Earthlink promoting the ISP's scam, scam, virus and spyware blocking services. The site, which represents the three threats with three Cyber Heroes; Stephanie, Don and Rashidi, who each have professional sport-like profiles and can be pit against the threats in several games. The site also offers screensaver downloads, product description areas and a Cyber Gear area where visitors can register to win a Cyber Hero Cape in the form of a towel. Many areas of the microsite point to various areas of the Earthlink website to provide additional details.

With most ISPs falling into the boring, commodity-like category, CP + B has done a good job at least bringing a little fun to the mundane but excruciatingly nagging aspects of spam, scams, spyware and viruses which take the fun out of everyday Internet life.

Some love it. Some call it lame. Join the debate in the Adrants Network

by Steve Hall    Jun- 3-05    
Topic: Online