Burger King Girl Brooke Burke Spotted At McDonald's


Apparently, Brooke Burke didn't have a non compete clause in her agreement with Burger King and Crispin Porter + Bogusky as indicated by these images of her entering and leaving a McDonald's.

Or, according to a Buzznet editor, these images may simply be a twisted continuation of the Burger King Brooke Burke photo viral. The editor tells us, "The 'boink' galleries where the Brooke Burke pics are posted seem to be owned by someone who is 'in the industry' PR-wise. The person/company behind 'boink' tends to have a lot of pics that end up being widely available but they really seem to have them first. There's a couple other galleries like 'boink' at buzznet that could be the same person but are posting promotional photos of bands, etc." We'll keep you updated.

by Steve Hall    Feb-17-06    
Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Celebrity

Hold Your Breath...Another Award Show Launched


While we could certainly do without, a new national advertising award show called The American Advertising Festival is an online competition where all the entrants judge the initial phase of the competition. Cool. Enter your own work then vote for it. That's logical. The final decision is made by a jury of selected creative talent. The best part of the competition and regardless of the judging outcome, all entrants will receive a summary of how their work fared under the scrutiny of their peers, including any comments about the execution. Hmm...no doubt comments will be rife with "This Sucks!"

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by Steve Hall    Feb-17-06    
Topic: Industry Events

Guinness Launches Weblog


Joining the conversation, brewer Guinness has launched a weblog created and written by the company's marketing staff. After reviewing the site, Hugh Macleod over at Gapingvoid wrote, "The good news is, the marketing team decided to do it themselves, not hire the job out to an ad agency. Otherwise I'm sure the results would have been utterly disasterous." Sadly, that is very true. Many blogs created/produced/written by agencies for clients just don't seem to gel. It's not that every client-created blog with either but the closer the blog is to the humans creating the voice, the truer and more realistic the blog will sound. To check out the blog, just say you live in England from the drop-down list. Some legal crap disallows your visit if you are not from a particular list of countries.

by Steve Hall    Feb-17-06    
Topic: Weblogs

Church Says Sex Doesn't Have to Be Lame


Grammar-challenged Adpunch points to a refreshing campaign from Granger Community Church which is promoting a five-week discussion series called Pure Sex during which the church will openly support its belief that God wants everyone to have great sex. The series will cover topics such as porn, lust and whether to inform your spouse about your latest trip to Vegas.

The series is being promoted with a billboard campaign which points to a microsite called MyLameSexLife on which sex's fun factor is gleefully lauded.

by Steve Hall    Feb-17-06    
Topic: Good, Online, Outdoor

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McDonald's Releases Inner Child


Advertising for Peanuts points to this inventive and conceptually brilliant Australian commercial for McDonald's in which the the true meaning of the "inner child" is explored.

by Steve Hall    Feb-17-06    
Topic: Brands, Commercials, Good

Ad Boys Deutsch And Dworin In Legal Bitch Fight


Steve Dworon, who worked with Donny Deutsch at Deutsch/Dworin from 1991 to 1994, is suing Donnie Deutsch for defamation and a breach of an agreement the two had that barred each from being nasty to each other for the rest of their live's. It seems Donnie said some unkind things about Steve in his new book, Often Wrong, Never in Doubt. The battle, which began in the pages of Page Six last week, has all the making of a crappy TV movie: office infighting, name calling, publicity whoring, crying...yes, crying, and promised revelations as to why Dworin really left Deutsch back in 1994. Hmm. We're not going to postulate lest we suffer tha wrath of defamation suites ourselves but we're happy to let you all speculate wildly in comments as to what's really going on between the two.

by Steve Hall    Feb-17-06    
Topic: Agencies, Policy