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History of Bling Promotes Absolut's Blinged-Out Bottle


Somehow associating bling with Absolut vodka, Swedish agency Greatworks has created a History of Bling-Bling video in which the genesis of bling is attributed to cavemen affixing rocks on their sticks, Egyptian's fixation with gold, Romans converting their chariot's into lowriders, Vikings' use of gold for dental work, the Ming Dynasty's origination of the word bling-bling and the era's vases becoming blinged out cups used in the hip-hop community, the Renaissance periods use of large gold clocks hung around their necks and how 80's yuppies perpetuated the obsession with Absolut, hence the brand's success. It's all to promote Absolut's limited edition Bling-Bling bottle in hopes the brand can kick Grey Goose's ass and get some of its bling back.

First, and we're no hip-hop expert, we've always been told it's bling and not bling-bling. Second, pronouncing oneself as cool instantly makes one uncool. Third, oh forget it, it's all just a big, witty, inside joke. Or at least we hope it is. Besides, Absolut has simply run out of bottle styles for its ads so this is all that's left.

by Steve Hall    Oct-18-06    
Topic: Online, Promotions, Video

Dr. Fardel 'Won't Rest Until Male Cramps Are Cured'


Looks like it's a good month for men and their menstrual issues. Catch Up Lady points us to Men with Cramps, a site about male cramping which has "directly or indirectly influenced all the most important events in our history." Sufferers are invited to participate in a study with the MacInnes and Porritt Institute which houses the illustrious Dr. Fardel. One participant confides that male cramps "Is like a tiny man playing a triangle in my stomach."

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by Angela Natividad    Oct-18-06    
Topic: Good, Online, Promotions, Spoofs, Strange

Jay-Z Gets Tapped as Anheuser-Busch's New Brand Guy


Hoping hip-hop will sip a Bud instead of the infamous Cris to get pissy-pissy, Anheuser-Busch appoints Jay-Z co-brand director for his "unique spin" on existing ideas and to participate in a few high-profile events. Considering the last beer to get name-dropped in rap was Corona in 2004, Busch could probably do with some help from the formerly retired artist. Just don't smile at him wrong. - Contributed by Angela Natividad

by Angela Natividad    Oct-18-06    

Steve Wynn Elbows the Crap Out of Picasso's Dream


After closing a $139 million sale for the painting, luxury casino magnate Steve Wynn elbowed Picasso's "Le Reve" while reaching behind him to show it to a bunch of friends and added a hole to the canvas in the process. Wynn's last words, faithfully recorded by Nora Ephron, were "Oh shit. Look what I've done."

Hey, it was an abstract of a mistress anyway. If anybody asks about the hole, why not just say Picasso burned a cigarette through it after the dream took a turn for the worst? Art is all about interpretation, right? - Contributed by Angela Natividad

by Angela Natividad    Oct-18-06    

True Records, Virgin Blings, Disney's Weak, Games Tracked


- Alluding to porn star Houston's apparent record of having had sex with 620 men in one day, Copyranter marvels at the capabilities of this True dating service model who can seemingly get 1,000 new singles an hour.

- Adverbox has a nice set of Virgin Money print ads which claim "Bling is King."

- Commercial Alert's Gary Ruskin says Disney's recent announcement of new food guidelines are weak and still allow for the marketing and advertising of to much junk food.

- Nielsen Media Research is launching GamePlay Metrics, a new rating service for video games. The service hopes to establish new metrics for the buying and selling of advertising in video games and to track the activities of gamers across other media platforms, such as TV and the Internet.

by Steve Hall    Oct-18-06    
Topic: Magazine, Online, Policy

Cox Sports Rebrands, Bobbits Appendage From Name


Perhaps because it's been the butt of dick jokes for so long or on-air personalities could no longer say "Cox" with a straight face, Cox Sports Television has neutered itself and will now be know as CST. Regional Sports and Network Head (yes that's his real title) Rod Mickler explained the change saying, "The updated CST has been designed to maximize the viewer's experience while offering the same reliable, entertaining and up-to-the-minute sports coverage our CST viewers have come to expect." The folks over at Priority PR apparently nixed an earlier quote in which Mickler may have said, "We don't know how Dick Butkus does it but we just can't stand one more 'Cox Excited Over Quarterly Revenue Explosion' or 'Cox Expands With Erection of New Office Tower' headline"

by Steve Hall    Oct-17-06    
Topic: Brands, Cable, Good

Maxi Pads Do More Than Live Between A Woman's Legs


If you've ever wondered what a menstrual pad does when it's not between a woman's legs, this video might help provide an answer to that crucial question. In this video for Seventh Generation's chlorine-free feminine products, a guy dressed as a pad goes about his innocuous daily routine just so we can all feel...well...according to the press release "at ease with the topic of periods." Not that anyone educated past grade nine should really have a burning phobia about feminine hygiene but apparently some do, hence the creation of the supposedly educational video. Either that or it's some sick fantasy for guys who like nothing better than to spend the entire day between a woman's legs.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-17-06    
Topic: Online, Strange, Video

Jewelry Ad Draws Crowd Next to Breast Implants


While we'd agree with Adrants reader David Panaccione that breast implants could certainly be categorized as "something that draws a crowd" as this Silpada Jewelry ad opposite a Glamour article on breast implants reads, but we're not sure breast implants give "more time for myself" as the ad also reads. Implants may certainly draw a crowd but if a crowd is drawn, there's not much opportunity to be by oneself. Anyway, the juxtaposition of thr ad and the article is marginally odd.

by Steve Hall    Oct-17-06    
Topic: Magazine, Strange

Gap (Red) Campaign Gets...Yes...Spoofed


In a culture where anything new is instantly old, anything cool is instantly uncool and any new ad campaign is ripe for spoofing, gossip blog Jossip has taken on the important task of converting the Gap's recent (Red) campaign into something a bit more fun. While it's wonderful the Gap is handing over 50 percent of (Red) profits to AIDS in Africa, it's much more amusing that Kate Moss has Recove(Red) and the Bush Coldn't Be Bother(Red)

by Steve Hall    Oct-17-06    
Topic: Spoofs

Susan Bratton Dishes Web 2.0 on DishyMix Podcast


Former ad:tech Chair (currently Chair Emeritus) and well known personality in the world of digital marketing, Susan Bratton, recently launched DishyMix, a WebmasterRadio.FM show on which yes, yes, dishes with industry luminaries such as IAB Preseident and CEO Greg Stuart, Carat NA Chairman David Verklin, BlogAds Founder Henry Copeland, Ubercool and Trendsetter guru Michael Tchong, Advertising Age Associate Publisher Scott Donaton, CNET Founder Esther Dyson and others.

Having seen Susan in action many times, we know she can offer up engaging and compelling conversation so we'll be listening. The show airs Thursdays at 2PM EST on WebmasterRadio.FM but is available anytime via podcast. For some reason, WebmasterRadio never has direct links to anything making it a less than simple task to point to a particular show, let alone subscribe. So, if you want to subscribe to the podcast version, here's the iTunes link.

by Steve Hall    Oct-17-06    
Topic: Good, Podcast

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