Dykes Like Ike, Vespa Users Headless, Soulless Businesses Sing, Feminine Mystique for Sale


- Senior exec Alan Cohen of Interpublic was named US CEO of OMD. Cohen has worked at 20th Century Fox, ABC and NBC.

- Rock stars aren't made. They're mothafuckin' born.

- Here's a Vespa campaign where people's heads are replaced with Vespa S headlights and handlebars. BlotTO gets philosophical about it. And for some reason, we're thinking East London decapitator meets hipster Terminator.

- Think political smear campaigns are bad now? You clearly haven't lived that long. Our favourite: "Millard" is a pussy name. Followed closely by Dykes like Ike. (Look at that smile. How could they not?)

- EPM Comm has published a very expensive brochure to teach marketers about women. Because come on, it's not like you know any real ones.

- Jenny McCarthy talks autism for BeliefNet. There's something we never saw coming.

- Random Buzznet users are getting attacked by pork and beans. This completely disgusting campaign is for Weezer's single Pork & Beans.

- For a time killer, see Corporate Anthems - theme songs of big, soul-less businesses.

- We wonder if Wrigley's is bored with Candystand. Here's Hubba Bubba, its new game site. It makes us thirsty for bubble gum.

- OMG itz ROFLCon!

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you do get that those political ads are made-up, right?

Posted by: norvasc on April 28, 2008 1:39 PM