Prada Auctions, Yelp Yelped, Mo Rocca Talks Money, and Love Grows on Trees


- Big spenders who can't be bothered to attend a fashion show: Prada wants your business. Click on "Prototypes Auction" at to see what's bid-worthy.

- Product packaging can be vastly improved with the addition of Braille.

- Twitter, allegedly the 439th largest social networking site, is deemed niche but influential. (The niche aspect is part of what makes something influential in the first place ... right?)

- released a self-serving documentary to showcase its whole anti-Zagat, down-with-the-homies feel. The mini-doc was fast made mockumentary fodder by the anti-Yelp Elite, which seem to think Yelp's all about hair. No arguments here. And apparently Yelpers find the mock more amusing.

- Bank of America enlisted Mo Rocca for Mo Banking. Oh gawd, he said "internets."

- You know Che, that sweet motorcycle guy who got all guerrilla later in life? He's way into minivans.

- This is for Condemned 2. I was gonna say my notion of what's "evil" has weakened since Google consumed my soul, but that's just not true. That Pony Heart Quest crap? Pretty evil. (Click on the pink pony to see what I mean.)

For WR Case & Sons Cutlery, BLATTNER BRUNNER decided to highlight the knife company's long legacy with this print ad. I'm gonna echo the dude who sent this to us and point out trees don't grow like that. Also, WORST. HEART. EVAR. You call that love? Pathetic.

- has released the 15 finalists of its Obama in 30 Seconds contest. View the videos and vote.

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