Cops Tweet, SBUX Seduces, Pets Prattle, GOOG Cozies Up to Agencies


- Cops in Scottsdale, Arizona use Twitter to keep the community abreast of what's happening in the city: closed roads, active crime scenes and the like.

- Google cozies up to agencies with evangelism missions and SWAG. Don't be fooled by all those friendly faces! John Battelle isn't.

- Ramadan's got brands in a tizzy. Coke released special packaging; Starbucks is showcasing Arabian blends and Ramadan-inspired pastries at its stores in the Middle East. Observers of Ramadan, which fast! until! sunset!, will undoubtedly be thrilled. (I love SBUX, but after a food-free day it's the last place I'd go. Who says "I'm starving! A tart and some coffee would do me good"?!)

- During Miami Fashion Week, Nivea decided to remind models (and would-bes) of the bumps and puckers hidden under their frocks. Introducing the GOOD-BYE CELLULITE sofa by TBWA\CHIAT\DAY New York! (Two years ago, a French company called Vichy ran a print ad based on a similar premise.)

- The Blue Cross's All About Pets wants to be "Facebook for pet lovers." Yeah, the PR people actually said that. Another thing they said: its online talking pets promotion was viewed 100,000 times through August. Weird. I totally feel like I've seen that concept before. Anyway, the site was built by digital agency DVA.

- Google releases Chrome browser. See first impressions. I love how they debut it, like, a week after Mozilla announces it'll renew its relationship with Google until 2011.

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Portland Oregon police have been doing this for a while as well:

Posted by: stonethorn on September 3, 2008 2:34 AM