Amsterdam Agencies Pay Audiovisual Tribute to MTV


Oh, MTV.

Over the years it's taught us how babies are made, why the Holocaust was not very nice and where those sassy red tennis shoes really come from. Most importantly, it helped bring Britney back and has kept Russell Brand knee-deep in pharma specifically for our viewing pleasure.

Given what we owe MTV for this elegant yet candid upbringing, it's only natural that someone try paying a little back. And who better than Amsterdam, baby?!

"Oooh! MTV" is a series of tributes produced by a handful of agencies in the land where you can window-shop for hookers while stirring coffee with a joint.

This one, For the Love of M, was produced by ...,Staat. It explores the MTV experience in a melancholy, visiting-the-MoMA-in-off-season kind of way, but hardly does justice to the network's sound and fury. See more at the "Oooh! MTV" site.

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Quote: "...but hardly does justice to the network's sound and fury".

Maybe, maybe not, but it does stand for the visual art that MTV used to represent.

Like it!

also check out Make a big effort to sound like 'M by sender plug and lernert engelberts

Posted by: dave on December 11, 2008 5:13 PM