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A1 Steak Sauce Changes Name to A1 Sauce With Awesome Facebook Video


Here's some fantastic work from CP+B for A.1. Steak Sauce which is changing its name to, simply, A.1. Sauce. To make the move, the agency created a humorous video during which A.1., who is "in a relationship" with Steak decides to accept friend requests from others -- such as salmon, green beans, lobster, bacon and many more -- which ends up making things "complicated" for A.1.

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by Steve Hall    May-14-14    
Topic: Video

Is This Non-Sensical Unilever Campaign Selling Ice Cream Or A News Channel?


The press release for this campaign promoting South African news channel WWW News describes the efforts three videos as yawn-worthy. We'd agree. But we'd go a step further and call the entire campaign yawn-worthy.

Not only yawn-worthy but confusing. Why? Because it's not even for a news channel. It's for Unilever's Wall's Ice Cream.

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by Steve Hall    May-13-14    
Topic: Strange

These 6 Blueprints Will Help You Achieve Social Media Success For Your Brand


Wouldn't it be great if you had an easy-to-understand, simple-but-informative overview of major social media channels and how to effective use them that you could refer to on a daily basis, give to a co-worker or pass along to your client?

Well here it is. It's a blueprint that will help you get the most you can for your brand out of the big 6 social networks; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+. Entitled "6 Blueprints for Social Network Success," this quick-read collection of information will provide you with more than 50 constructive, actionable marketing tips and real-world examples from major brands like Hyatt, British Airways, Target, and General Mills.

Download the guide now and put these tips to work for your brand today.

by Steve Hall    May-13-14    
Topic: Research

Intuit Extends It's Super Bowl Small Business Big Game Program to Three More Brands


Following Intuit's Super Bowl spot for the Small Business Big Game winner, GoldieBlox, the company is also supporting the three runner-up finalists by providing each with their own 30-second spot to air on Fox Sports 1 and 2 throughout May and June. The runners up -- Barley Labs, Locally Laid Eggs and POOP Natural Compost -- will receive produced :30 spots.

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by Steve Hall    May-13-14    
Topic: Brands

Even A Disrobing Table-Dancing Hottie Can't Distract This Guy From His Studies


In this Dutch ad for Vifit, a health drink that apparently helps keep you focused, a college girl does her best to distract a guy from his studies. But since he's drinking the magical Vifit, even a hot girl who strips down to her underwear and does a dance routine on the table right in front of him can't sway this guy from concentrating on his studies. Via.

We haven't seen ad ad this blatantly sexual in a very long time. Thank you, Vifit.

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by Steve Hall    May-13-14    
Topic: Racy

Fallon Brings Back the Fanny Pack in Humorous Glue Ad


No! No! No! Please no!

High up on the list of fashion disasters is the dreaded fanny pack. It rose to infamy in the late 1980s and early-to-mid 1990s. And, for the most part, you don't see them anymore.

If Fallon Minneapolis has its way, the fanny pack is going to be reborn. At least on YouTube. In a commercial for Henkel's Locite glue. Hopefully, it'll be like trying to make Fetch happen. The fanny pack. Not the campaign. We wish the best for the campaign, Just not the fanny pack. Please, not the fanny pack.

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by Steve Hall    May-13-14    
Topic: Campaigns

It's Almost Like Patrick Dempsey Didn't Want to Be In This Beautyrest Ad


So we get a press release and it's all like "Given that the Beautyrest Black mattress fuses luxury and technology for the ultimate sleep performance, Simmons has tapped racing and auto performance aficionado Patrick Dempsey for the spring campaign."

And we're like, cool. We haven't seen McDreamy in a while. We wonder if he's still as ageless as ever. Well, we could hardly tell. Because he's hardly in the ad.

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by Steve Hall    May-12-14    
Topic: Celebrity

Newspaper Ad Asks 'Got Stumps' Above Story About Amputee


On Sunday, a stick on newspaper ad for tree service TBF Services with the headline "Got Stumps" appeared above a story about an amputee who lost the lower half of her leg in a car accident.

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by Steve Hall    May-12-14    
Topic: Newspaper

How To Use Email To Generate Leads and Revenue


When it comes to online marketing, email is one of the most powerful tools you have. Social media might be the latest sexy medium, but when it comes to generating leads, nurturing customer relationships and providing long-term growth, email is still incredibly effective. It's easy to use, priced right and it works. Here's proof:

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by Steve Hall    May-12-14    
Topic: Opinion

Kona Brewing Suggests Multi-Taskers Try Some 'Single-Tasking'


Delightfully toying with the ridiculousness of multi-tasking that has devoured the lives of "mainlanders," Kona Brewing is out with a new spot, Dear Mainland, featuring two Hawaiian brothers who think sitting in a meeting sending texts about another meeting where you'll send emails about the first meeting is, well, not so great.

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by Steve Hall    May-12-14    
Topic: Commercials

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