Five Reasons Brands Should Leverage Check-Ins and Location Tagging


Browse through your personal social media feeds - Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, Foursquare, etc. It's very likely that at least one of your friends or connections has checked-in at a restaurant, park, or local venue. Social media today not only allows us to update how we are feeling or what we are doing, but it also allows us to share our location with our friends and followers.

Majority of today's most popular social media platforms offer some sort of check-in or location tagging option. When location tagging first started a few years back, it seemed a little creepy. Why on Earth would you want to share your location with strangers? However, location check-ins do much more than just tell us where our connections are. Similar to the way businesses use status updates, they can strategically use check-ins to increase visibility of their brand or product, grow their audience, and potentially bring in sales.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-10-13    
Topic: Mobile/Wireless, Point of Purchase

Cannes: Digital Gets Physical With Creative Realities Retail Experiences


Over at adforum, Angela Natividad is conducting interviews in Cannes. Her first interview is with Paul Price, CEO of Creative Realities, a firm that focuses on "designing digital experiences that bridge the physical and virtual worlds." He is most proud of his recent work with the Macy's in Herald Square which consists of 20 different digital experiences. When Natividad asked Price which movies appropriately represent the near future of digital marketing, he was quick to point of it won't (and shouldn't) be Miniroty Report, the movie in which Tome Cruise - and everyone else - is razor targeted which a bombardment of location-based advertising. Over the next five years, Price says there will be an increase in digitally augmented retail fittings and fixtures that improve the store experience for shoppers.

by Steve Hall    Jun-19-12    
Topic: Industry Events, Point of Purchase

Fiat New Uno Powered by Pee


Here's a fun one. To illustrate the Fiat Uno's great fuel economy, Leo Burnett Tailor Made in Brazil launched a campaign called If Pee Were Gas. The agency installed flow monitors of sorts in urinals. Based on the amount of pee dispensed by the urinal visitor, an image of the Uno on a flat screen mounted above the urinal would travel a certain distance. The more pee, the further the car would travel. Check out the case study video below.

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by Steve Hall    May- 9-12    
Topic: Guerilla, Point of Purchase, Strange

Motor Oil Fragrance, Bathroom Skidmarks Get Pro Golfers in New BMW


We like this one. A new campaign for BMW aims to encourage PGA Tour golfers behind the wheel of a race-ready M model used "aroma advertising" and in-hotel floor graphics. The campaign comes from Baldwin&, Raleigh, for BMW Golf, the sports marketing arm of BMW of North America, Inc.

One hundred bottles of "15w-50" motor oil-scented men's cologne were given to PGA players finishing the Deutsche Bank Championship in Norton, Massachusetts over Labor Day weekend. The fragrance was selected to suggest the auto racing experience. Hang tags read: "Do you know what driving 195mph feels like? Well, this is how it smells. Get to the BMW Championship a little bit early to take one of our M cars out for a spin at the Autobahn Country Club."

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by Steve Hall    Sep-15-11    
Topic: Campaigns, Celebrity, Guerilla, Point of Purchase, Promotions

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Nestea's Wonderful Machine Not as Cool as Coke's Happiness Machine


Sorry but we're just not digging this Nestea Wonderful Machine, a retrofitted vending machine that allowed people to remotely remove a bottle from the machine. Apparently, the goal of the campaign was to "reinvent the genre of the claw machine."

Wait, what? The claw machine is a genre? Last we looked, it was just a device at cheesy amusement parks to try and win toys. OK, OK. So they're popular in malls in Israel where the campaign took place but this effort let people grab a bottle of Nestea from the machine over the internet. Which, of course, means they can't even drink the stuff once they've grabbed the bottle.

But we guess it's all OK because somehow winners were chosen and awarded a trip to Sri Lanka. So it's all good, right?

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by Steve Hall    Mar-23-11    
Topic: Point of Purchase

Tazo Tea Gets Interactive Storefront Windows at Starbucks


Blast Radius, MediaCom and The Media Merchants have developed interactive storefronts, one in Toronto and one in Vancouver, which allow passersby to go on an adventure to discover each of three new Tazo Teas Starbucks in promoting.

Commenting on the work which The Media Merchants usually do at empty retail locations, The Media Merchants National Account Executive Jordie Morrow said, "A vacant venue allows us to build a massive projection screen, as large as the window will allow, while taking advantage of significant foot traffic. Starbucks, on the other hand, wanted to make the most out of their key locations, in Vancouver and Toronto, and these two interactive storefronts are uniquely positioned on two of Starbucks' busiest locations."

The campaign will conclude February 26. You can view a video of the installations here.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 2-11    
Topic: Point of Purchase

Bruce Willis to Front Russian Bank's Ad Campaign


Bruce Willis has signed a year-long deal with Trust Bank and will front the financial institution's ad campaign for the next year. Messaging will include the headline, "Trust is just like me, but a bank." How did Willis get the gig? Well, the previous frontman for the bank, weight-lifter Vladimir Turchinsky, unexpectedly died at the young age of 46. ANd the bank called WIllis.

Billboards carrying Willis' image will be placed in 170 cities across the country. Promotional and online efforts will be part of the campaign as well.

by Steve Hall    Nov-24-10    
Topic: Campaigns, Celebrity, Online, Outdoor, Point of Purchase

Benjamin Moore Offers Freedom, Simplicity and...Um...Versality?


Unless you can find the word "versality" in the dictionary, it looks like a Benjamin Moore POP suffered a proofreading oversight. Writing on Dumb As A Blog, Susie Felber wrote, "What is Benjamin Moore's marketing department on? And do they need a new copywriter? 'Cause I am available." Well, BM, give Susie a call because it seems you need a better copywriter. Or at least a proofreader.

by Steve Hall    Oct- 4-10    
Topic: Point of Purchase, Worst

Primo Borrows Happiness Machine For Convenience Store Promotion


Does anyone really care what brand of drink you choose when you're in a gas station convenience store? Damn right someone cares! New Zealand's Primo cares so much they'll scare the shit out of you by transforming the quiet convenience store into a pulse-pounding nightclub.

However, if you choose the right brand, Primo, you'll be bathed in a soothing, Enya-like musical experience...which is great...except if you're the kind of person who prefers to be in the midst of nightclub mayhem all the time.

by Steve Hall    Jul-20-10    
Topic: Point of Purchase

Your Hands Are Gross


Nothing like calling attention to the unseen organisms that crawl all over our skin to get us to go out and buy some soap. That's what Young & Rubicam New York is doing for Protex Antibacterial soap.

And if the images weren't enough to make your skin crawl (sorry), there's the oh so thought provoking tagline, "The Things You Touch Stay With You"

Thank you, Y&R. We're going to go soak out hands in bleach now.

by Steve Hall    May-14-10    
Topic: Outdoor, Point of Purchase