Hooters: Breasts? Owls? Soda?


The next time you're in the grocery store walking down the soda aisle and your six year old daughters asks, loudly, "Daddy, what are hooters" for all nearby shoppers to hear, you had better quickly blame Hooters, the restaurant chain, lest you be stared down by fellow shoppers who wonder exactly what sort of language you teach your child at home. As you turn to your daughter and tell her quietly so other shoppers can't hear, "Well, honey, you don't have to worry about that for about six years. We'll talk about it then," an internal debate suddenly overwhelms you. Oddly, you can't seem to reconcile why hooters are on the shelf in the grocery store when they're usually attached to females and supported by a bra. Or, wait, are hooters just owls?

Suddenly, you forget why you're in the store in the first place. You take your daughter out of the cart, leave the store, walk to your car in which your wife is waiting and blurt, "Honey, your daughter wants to know what hooters are." Your wife stares at you and wonders how in the world a conversation about hooters would begin in the middle of a grocery store. Oh wait. The whole point of this story? Hooters is now selling Hooters-branded soda. And creating embarrassing moments for all.

by Steve Hall    Feb-21-07    
Topic: Brands, Point of Purchase, Strange

Interactive Installations Spice Up Brand Experience


To liven up the boring auto show and to provide some customized interactivity with an automotive brand, Mindflood along with experience marketing company George P. Johnson teamed to create some very impressive consumer experiences for Acura and Scion. We can remeber going to auto shows and thinking it was cool just to touch the car ans sit inside it. That's so yesterday. The Acura Interactive Oracles and the Scion Mix it Up Experience give people so much more to play with including complete vehicle customization, t-shirt creation and a complete interactive experience of the vehicle.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-21-07    
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Contextual Corrigendums Less Likely Offline


Flickr user rcrowley informs us contextual advertising has leaped off the webpage and into the real world. Since he currently has a small cold, he headed over to Walgreen's to pick up some Dayquil. He noticed the top of the bottle was affixed with a sticker that read "Need Facial Tissue?"

While we're down on contextual advertising at times, were thinking it's less likely we'll see a turpentine ad affixed to the toe tag of a teen who died from drinking turpentine than a similar instance online. Good old, human-controlled advertising to the rescue.

by Steve Hall    Jan-24-07    
Topic: Good, Packaging, Point of Purchase

Rear Entry Advised For Family Planing


Sometimes when a copywriter sits down to hone the craft, the intended meaning of the written words occasionally takes on something other than what was originally intended as in this directional sign in the UK's Northhampton General Hospital which reads, "Family planning advice. Use rear entrance."

by Steve Hall    Oct- 3-06    
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Munchies, Brownies, Eyedrop Shelf Talkers Support Marijuana


With help from Spinach (the agency, not the food), pro-marijuana group NORML placed shelf talkers in grocery stores directly adjacent to the very products seemingly associated with feeding yourself weed. Very nice media placement, indeed. See the creative here.

UPDATE: Spinach contacted us and would like to clarify that it was a local chapter of NORML they worked with and not the national, parent organization. The work was pitched on a project basis to a local chapter which decided to go with the campaign. Beyond that, Spinach informs us that even though the local chapter approved the work and decided to use the signs, the agency is now seeking verification the local chapter actually used the signs.

by Steve Hall    Oct- 3-06    
Topic: Good, Point of Purchase

McDonald's Capitalizes on Gaming Trend With Midnight Contest


In acknowledgment of the fact everyone plays video games now, Dallas-based agency Moroch Partners along with Video Gamers League and Affinity Sports and Entertainment Marketing created the Midnight Gaming Championship. The gaming contest will occur Satuday nights at Dallas/Ft. Worth area McDonald's from 9PM to 4AM beginning September 23 and ending with a championship bout on November 18.

Each week, players can register online for a chance to play in one of three different gaming tournaments each Saturday night. The games featured in each competition are NCAA Football '07, Guitar Hero and Tekken 5, and players will compete each week in a single elimination format until one winner is declared for each of the games. Winners of each game's tournament will receive prizes from McDonald's, Best Buy and GameZnFlix. Grand Prize winners will receive a generous prize package from Best Buy, GameZnFlix, McDonald's and Red Octane.

by Steve Hall    Sep-21-06    
Topic: Games, Point of Purchase, Promotions

Fergie Hooks Up With Vanity For Album Promotion


Fergie, aka Stacy Ferguson, is getting some help from Retail Entertainment Design which has put together an in-store promotion with retail chain Vanity to promote her new album, The Dutchess. From September 19 through October 23, in-store and online promotions will promote the album as well as offer a chance to win a trip to meet Fergie. Those who have participated in prior Vanity promotions will receive a text message with the offer.

by Steve Hall    Sep-20-06    
Topic: Celebrity, Mobile/Wireless, Online, Point of Purchase

Photography Central to New Timberland Boot Campaign


Here's a new campaign from Boston-based Winsper for Timberland PRO's PowerWelt work boots which consists of magazine, outdoor and point of sale. The campaign's photography is quite striking if we do say so ourselves and was done by Jim Erickson. The campaign will break mid-September. Check out other creative here, here, here and here.

by Steve Hall    Sep-13-06    
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Wife Sale, Upskirt Shots Promote Men's Mag


There's a lot of ways to promote a magazine. Some more offbeat than others. With the tagline "Let us keep on dreaming of a better world," - which, oddly sounds like some old hippy song - and graphics that portray women as they are be seen inside the fantasy-laden minds of men, this promotion for Belgian magazine, Che, is definitely one we'll never see here in the States but, all the same, think is fun if viewed without the lenses of one's politically correct glasses. From upskirt panty shots to a monthly wife sale, this campaign doesn't get bogged down with proper behavior. See the upskirt and others here. Safe enough for work. Oh, and here's a funny one on Flickr.

by Steve Hall    Aug-28-06    
Topic: Magazine, Point of Purchase, Poster

'TV Guide' Begs For Readership With Popcorn Promotion


Never one to accept the fact on screen guides have crushed their print business, TV Guide is getting together with Orvill Redebacker popcorn in a TV That Pops promotion that will place dollar off coupons and a chance to win eight complimentary issues of the magazine on boxes of the popcorn. The promotion will be aided by FSIs, POS displays and online ads. There's also a "TV That Pops Sweepstakes Challenge" that will award one lucky person a trip to TV Guide's After Party in LA following the 2007 Emmy Awards.

by Steve Hall    Aug-28-06    
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