In Ad Spoof, Google Kidnaps Steve Ballmer's Wife


It's not like a spoof of the Google's Parisian ad which ran during the Super Bowl is any surprise. It's how funny it is that surprises. Another gem from Landline TV. See how easy it is to conduct a kidnapping and demand the sale of a company as ransom.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 9-10    
Topic: Spoofs

Tim Tebow Throws Babies


Hahahaha. Nice Tim Tebow spoof. It's probably better than the real ad will be. What else is there to say? Enjoy. And get ready to be unimpressed when you see the real thing during the Super Bowl this Sunday.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 3-10    
Topic: Spoofs

Diaper Brand Parodies Georgio Armani David Beckham Ad


Seems South Korea knows how to make great bedwetting ads. Last week Copyranter highlighted an ad that showed, in vivid color, the dreams of a boy peeing all over the place and enjoying it. This week, GoodNites agency, Diamond Ogilvy, pokes fun at a recent Georgio Armani ad that featured David Beckham.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 1-10    
Topic: Celebrity, Spoofs, Strange

Exclusive! Sneak Peek At Tim Tebow Super Bowl Ad (OK, Not Really)


Want to see the Tim Tebow ad? Rather, a Tauntra spoof of the Tim Tebow ad? Well, you can right here. Listen to Tim's Mom talk about how her doctor's told her her son wouldn't amount to anything and how she thinks abortions are bad.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 1-10    
Topic: Spoofs, Super Bowl 2010

Seriously? Boston Still Thinks the Yankees Suck?


If you're a Red Sox fan, you might like this three-spot spec campaign. Or, after viewing, you might not want to admit you're a Red Sox fan since all this campaign does is paint you a sore loser. You did beat the curse a few years ago, after all. Lighten up.

by Steve Hall    Jan-14-10    
Topic: Bad, Spoofs, Strange

Yet Another Viagra Spoof


When a four hour erection isn't long enough, there's Stifficade. Not only does Stifficade make men ready for action for 36 hours, it makes women magically change from house frau to house hottie in a matter of seconds.

Give it a try. You'll hate it.

by Steve Hall    Nov-30-09    
Topic: Spoofs

NUDE IT iPhone App Viral Even Comes With Real Fake OMG! Gasps


No, it does, really. (See below.) While not an actual working app, or is it? (*asked in super secret hushed tones*), the NUDE IT makes any scene nudetastic. Except, well, it's hard to tell if the hero in this one is saying OMG! because of the app's amazing see-through ability--or the subject he's looking at. Latter! Either way, lose the fake shock reactions (the shit will sell itself doncha know), and you still have a cool non-cgi viral, replete with tried and true old-school camera trickery that looks more amazing than it is. Or all you SUCKAZ can just check with creator That Bald Guy.

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by Bill Green    Nov-12-09    
Topic: Mobile/Wireless, Promotions, Spoofs

DirecTV Ads Now Feature Heath Ledger, JFK, Jesus


If you had an issue with the Chris Farley commercial for DirecTV, you might have an issue with these spots featuring John F. Kennedy, Heath Ledger and Jesus.

Oh wait, they're just spoofs. Fakes. Corporate taunts. Thank you, Landline TV.

Have fun.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 2-09    
Topic: Celebrity, Spoofs, Video

Swiffer Spoofed, Axe Effect Debunked, Eighties Hyped (Again)


- Logo's The Big Sketch Comedy takes on the infamous Swiffer commercials. Horrifically funny.

- A fan or product of the 80's? The you might like the "80s-iser" from Russell Athletic.

- Dial takes on the whole Axe Effect thing and debunks it with an Attraction Field Study in which a guy stands on the sidewalk for two hours after showering with Axe. The result? Nothing. There's also the Get Magnetic site which takes a decidedly more scientific looking at why humans and animals are attracted to one another.

- Following its DEWmocracy effort, Mountain Dew has hooked up with 12 Seconds for a competition which will determine who gets to shoot the brand's next commercial.

by Steve Hall    Oct-29-09    
Topic: Consumer Created, Promotions, Spoofs, Strange, Video

"Mom, I Pooped in the Tub" And Other Dirty Fetishes


We were so busy enjoying Golden Kiss Mayo on Friday (OK, not really), we didn't have a chance to share these radio jingle outtakes with you. Progressively more salacious, each take gets raunchier and raunchier and the directors becomes more and more, well, just give it a listen. But not near anyone who might be grossed out by some rather disgusting fetishes.

by Steve Hall    Oct-26-09    
Topic: Racy, Spoofs