Ladies, Boyfriend Will Serve Your Every Need


Ladies, is your life missing something? Are you lonely? Not satisfied in bed? Need help moving the furniture? Help with the household chores? Then you need a Boyfriend. Order now!

by Steve Hall    Apr-19-10    
Topic: Spoofs

Tiger Woods ReMix (Bikini Version)


Did Tiger really learn anything? Well even if he didn't, he sure had fun trying. Here's yet another spoof of the oh so controversial Tiger Woods contrition ad.

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by Steve Hall    Apr- 9-10    
Topic: Spoofs

Stark Expo Exhibitor Accutech Will Help You Lift Your Coffee Cup


Now this is funny. Not because it's actually funny but because it could become our reality. What with the proliferation of technology and the tendencies of people to enjoy living in an Idiocracy, this Stark Expo spoof featuring a company called Accutech, while totally fake, isn't far off from a very possible future.

After all, who really enjoys "performing repetitious ergonomically challenging tasks" such as, oh , lifting a coffee cup to one's lips?

by Steve Hall    Apr- 7-10    
Topic: Promotions, Spoofs, Video

Publicitair Launches World's First Ad Supported Airline

publicitair.png we go. The first April Fool's joke of the day. "Former pilot and regular air traveler" Mark Terry-Lush, Renegade Media founder, has launched Publicitair, the world's first free passenger airline. The operation will be funded completely by advertising.

The release wants marketers to know, "Every surface of the aircraft, inside and out - from the tailfin to the in-flight entertainment - is available for branding."

Terry-Lush explains his approach, saying, "With BA strikes, airlines going bankrupt and budget airlines charging to go to the loo, it's clear that aviation business models are floundering. Passengers are getting a raw deal, so we've put our 20 years media industry experience to the test and created the world's first advertiser-funded airline."

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by Steve Hall    Apr- 1-10    
Topic: Spoofs, Strange

One Billion Bikini-Clad Babes Frightened by Bad Eyewear


As we recover from our post-SXSW stupor, we're playing catch up on the idiocy we've missed since partying ourselves into oblivion on sixth street. Here's a Lynx parody entitled The Specs Effect. It's from Specsavers and, yea, it's got a lot of bikinied girls running towards a doofus spraying himself with body spray and donning a pair of glasses so scary, he scares off the sea of bottyliciousness.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-18-10    
Topic: Spoofs, Strange, Video

Foursquare Has Swagger Like Us


PleaseRobMe aside, we all love Foursquare, right? Come on admit it. You know you do. You obsess over telling everyone where you are. You invent places just to get points. You covet badges. Admit it. It's a disease. But it's nothing new. It's just an extension of the Twitter disease which made us all think people actually give a shit what we're doing every single second of the day.

Enter Badges Like Us, a fairly lame rap rendition of the location-based game. Check it. Catch the lyrics on the video's YouTube page.

by Steve Hall    Mar- 1-10    
Topic: Bad, Good, Social, Spoofs, Video

Old Spice Man on A Horse Gets Love From John Denver


We wish we could have unearthed this ourselves but credit goes to AdWeek's Barbara Lippert...or whomever sent it to her...for finding this semi-hilarious spoof of the Old Spice I'm on a Horse commercial. Folk singers Emily and Matt set the copy of the commercial to John Denver's You Fill Up My Senses.

This is just one of the many spoofs out there paying homage to this Wieden + Kennedy-created commercial. When a commercial - yea, a lowly commercial - spawns this sort of viral love, you know you've got a hit on your hands.

by Steve Hall    Mar- 1-10    
Topic: Spoofs, Viral

Funny Accents, Golfers Underwear, Copied Ads, Going Dutch


- Golfer John Daly says, "Slix boxer briefs are the most ridiculously comfortable underwear I've ever put on"

- Juggalo gets parodied.

- Wanna hear what people sound like in these here parts? Give a listen to Matt Van Hoven's This Week in Advertising.

- There's nothing like going Dutch to McDonald's By the way, where's the cause group to protect the Dutch from appearing to be cheap?

- Apparently, this commercial is supposed to sell sneakers. it just puts us to sleep.

- Danny Bloom tries to save the old fashioned "snailpaper."

- Is the Bud Light Observatory commercial a riff/copy of an IBM video from a couple of years ago? You decide.

by Steve Hall    Feb-24-10    
Topic: Celebrity, Spoofs

Vitamin Water's Steve Nash is 'The Most Ridiculous Man in the World'


We love the Dos Equis Most Interesting Man in the World campaign. Many people do. Because it's funny. And Weird. And, well, ridiculous. And Vitaminwater knows this. And so does Nike Trash Talk sneaker creator, philanthropist and Phoenix Suns' guard Steve Nash.

Nash appears in a series of Vitamin Water videos which spoof the Dos Equis Most Interesting Man in the World campaign. Nash's version is entitled The Most Ridiculous Man in the World. And it is ridiculous. And brilliant. Ridiculous and brilliant. When do you get to use those two words in the same sentence?

We love that.

by Steve Hall    Feb-12-10    
Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Creative Commentary, Good, Spoofs, Video

Emasculated and Oppressed Men Get Love in Dodge Charger Spoof

She said: "See I told you we deserved a Dodge Charger just as much as you do."

He said, "But, honey, it's your job to pretend we are perfect and that you love everything you do. Not to mention feel 'so fucking sorry' for us when Super Bowl commercials depict men as emasculated and oppressed."

by Steve Hall    Feb-12-10    
Topic: Spoofs, Super Bowl 2010